Jojo is a male customer who first appeared as a closer in Papa's Taco Mia!. As the local food critic, his scoring metrics are more challenging than those of the other closers.

Flipdeck Info 

Hometown: Tacodale
Occupation: Food Critic
Loves: Food
Hates: Overcooking

Jojo is known far and wide as the premier food critic. He is an adventurous foodie that never orders the same meal twice. Jojo makes weekly stops at restaurants to sample their food. If he enjoys his meal, he will award the shop his Blue Ribbon. Customers always tip more when a Blue Ribbon is in sight.


Jojo wears black long-sleeved tops with his blue ribbon on the chest. He wears a black french beret with blue accent. He also wears blue pants and black shoes. He dresses as a superhero during Halloween.


  • In FreezeriaPancakeria, and Wingeria, when looking in the characters panel, there are food favorites listed for him, which changes every day, even when Jojo doesn't come on that day. However, for Taco Mia, and Hot Doggeria and games afterwards, it's listed that he orders something different.
  • He is the leader of the closers in the parades.
  • Although he does not appear in Papa Louie 2 or Papa Louie 3, his Blue Ribbon makes an appearance as the checkpoint marker.
  • Along with Quinn, he has been a closer ever since closers were introduced.
  • Jojo has an unique style of favor when ordering:
    • In Taco Mia he mostly orders Chicken, although on rare occasion, he may order a different meat. If you haven't noticed yet, Jojo's order in this game will be large, so those toppings will have to be dropped.
    • In Wingeria, he sometimes will order a meat item covered with a sauce nobody orders on that meat (parmesan strips, wild onion shrimp, etc). If he orders 4 dips, they will not be 2 of the same dips as customers usually order (for example, he might order 3 zesty pesto dips and 1 mango chili).
    • In Hot Doggeria, Jojo mostly orders Kielbasa, though on rare occasions, he might order a different sausage. If he orders sport peppers and tomatoes, he will usually order them in an uneven pattern (example: tomato, tomato, pepper). Sometimes, Jojo can order a Large Buttered Popcorn, even though nobody else orders it.
    • In Freezeria, he orders a Small Cup.
    • In Papa's Pancakeria, he orders Waffles.
    • In Cupcakeria, he mostly orders one cupcake with a small amount of toppings and a cupcake with a large amount.
    • In Pastaria, like in Papa's Taco Mia!, his orders are mostly large and he usually orders a lot of toppings that have to be dropped. Also he always orders his pasta regular.
    • In Donuteria, he always orders one topping on each donut.
    • He will either order a light-cooked or regular sandwich in Cheeseria.
    • In Cupcakeria To Go!, if Red Velvet Cake is unlocked, he'll always order this.
  • He was the first closer to have a Flipdeck.
    • He is also the 1st Taco Mia character to have a flipdeck.
  • He seldom orders holiday ingredient in Papa's Bakeria.