Jakeit is an Cambodian Serbian girl that likes to make something, although she wants to invent a Car 5000 THAT CAN FLY!!!!!! and draw a picture of it, she is the most kind girl, she never angry or outrageous, she is always polite, even if we mess up her invention never ever angry (Pronounce-Jake-it), however in any Papa's Restaurants she will never ever be a closer not even in one, when the orders gets wrong or mixed up she is still that happy even though, and she lives in a rich house that has 10 windows and 3 Bathrooms and 2 verandahs and 5 beds for her family, 5 beds in one room and 3 cupboards, 6 tables and 10 chairs it is like a hotel, and the best thing about her house that it has 2 games room in one and stairs that lead to the bathrooms and to the Kids playroom, stairs that can lead into some TV rooms and in that house there is a lift that can lead to the rooms as same as the stairs, if the lift is broken they can use stairs, and she has escalators and she has HER OWN PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALLED Jakeoairlines Pronounced (Jakeee-0), she has 5 beds in one room and in that room has a window view of outside, the house looks like public and she has 2 varandas that the family car can be parked and she can have a huge party at her house, and although even the house has a big swimming pool in her verandahs but there is protection to cover the people who's swimming, she has a very big house, leave a comment below if you like a big house. She lives with Eileena Ivya and Craig and Drug and Barley