(This is Izzy's perspective of Rita gets fired!!!)

Izzy: Now that I'm in Rita's daydream, I'm gonna prank her! (morphs into Papa Louie)

Rita: What can I get you, Papa?

Izzy: The usual please.

Rita: (thinking) I'll suprise him!


Rita: Here you go!

Izzy: That is the last straw, Rita. You're fired!

Rita: What? (walks out)

Izzy: (Thinking) This is gonna be so funny!

Rita: *sigh* Never again. I'm gonna need a new occupation.

Papa Louie: What are you doing out here? You should be on duty.

Rita: Huh? But you just fired me!

Izzy: (walks out of Burgeria) He he... (morphs back into her)

Rita: Izzy?

Izzy: Ha ha! I got you good, Rita! Ha ha!

Rita: But you can only shapeshift in daydreams. 

(daydream ends)

Izzy: That was so funny!