(in bad dream)

Izzy: Mordo? Mordo? (sees Mordecai covered in blood) MORDO!!!!

Mordecai: Izzy... help me....

Izzy: Who did this to you?

Mordecai: It was- (Mordecai dies)

Izzy: MORDO!!!! (wakes up) GASP! Oh, it was just a dream.

Dusty: *yawn* What do you want? It's 2:00 am!

Izzy: I had a bad dream where Mordecai was killed!

Dusty: That'll never happen! She knows kung fu, remember? She'll fight anyone who tries to kill her.

Izzy: Oh, yeah

Dusty: Snowflake!

Snowflake: What?

Dusty: Izzy here had a nightmare.

Snowflake: Oh. I'll sleep with you.

Izzy: Thanks, Snowflake. (goes to sleep)

(back in dream)

Deranigo: Yes, I disguised myself as Rigby and killed her!

Izzy: You're not gonna kill me! HHIIIYYYAAAAA!!! (kicks him in the face)

Mordecai (newly revived by Tessero): You did it!

Izzy: I guess those lessons you gave me really paid off!

(dream ends)

Izzy: Ah, that's better. Snowflake, it's time to watch the sun go up!

Snowflake: Fine.

Mordecai: Good morning! Nothin' to start the day like me!

Dusty: Yep!

Owen: (talking in sleep) Good morning Scooter, you look hot today.

Izzy: (splashes water over Owen)

Owen: Gah-huh? Oh, good morning ladies and dogs.