Izzy is Mordecai's sister. She has as many skills as her older sister. Like the rest of the girls of Team Dusty, Sparky, and Rain, she can speak Pig Latin. She can deliver Powerful kicks like Coco and Faolan.

Appearence: Red earrings, red eyeshadow, red off shoulder tank with a black bra underneath, black leggings with star-shaped holes cut out, red boots, and very long red hair. She is about 5 feet tall.

Age: 15

Weight: 200 pounds. But due to her being heavier than Owen, this may be incorrect.

Personality: Smart, lazy, sexist (only towards male enemies)

Friends: Papa Louie, Roy, and all the girls except Quinn.

Enemies:Quinn, and all the boys (except male friends and Gremmie)

Love interest: Gremmie (one-sided on her side)

Status: Alive

Abilities: Deliver powerful kicks, in daydreams she has shape-shifting powers.

Known relatives: 

Her full name is Izzy Maria Shaker.