(Ivy Is Shown Singing To Connor, Xandra and Xolo)

Ivy (Singing): ...And The Morning Will Be Better

Ivy: Now I Can Go To Bed

(Ivy Puts On Her Sleeping Hat And Sleeps Next To Connor)

In Ivy's Bad Dream

Ivy: I will go out for a walk and get my friend Mandi.

Ivy gets Mandi.

Mandi: Hi! Papa Louie is making a pastaria! Are you excited to have pasta?

Ivy: MMmmmm....yummy pasta!

Mandi: I know right!

Ivy: Papa's Pastaria, love the idea! I have a singing concert soon and I have to practice. Might not come that often before the concert. After it, I am having pasta with Connor and Xandra and you! Xolo is to bad to come.

Mandi: Feel sorry for him.

Ivy: You can come to my concert! It's at the Tastyville Performance Center on July 28 5:00. Might even be having dessert at the freezeria!

Mandi: That's so awesome! Can Tony and Matt come?

Ivy: Anyone can come except xolo. He is rough and obnoxious. I still have to decide about Ninjoy, she can get rough.

Mandi: Yeah.

Ninjoy jumps out of nowhere.

Ninjoy: Decide what about me??!! Hu?! Huh?! Ya wanna a piece of me? Huh? Huh?! I can show yall what I got.

Mandi: Ahhhhhh!! (runs away to home)

Ninjoy: Ohh we got someone scared( sweetish and sarcastic voice)

Well I could get you for being mean to my bffs Xolo and Xandra. (rough and muderous tone)

Ivy: Don't you dare! >:o !

Ivy slaps Joy 10 times and Joy pulls out a knife and does some swift ninja moves.

Ivy: Eeek!

Ninjoy: Scared huh?! Well what about this!

Ninjoy stabs Ivy in her arm and drags the knife down making a huge cut.
Ninjoy and Ivy

Ivy: YYEEOOWWWWW!!!!!!!! UHHH!!!! HELP!!! MANDI!!!

Ninjoy: Your friend can't help, too scared to.

Ninjoy rips the bottom of ivy's dress with her knife and laughs. And releases her hair bun.

Ivy: My favorite dress! I give up! Ahhh! I surrender! I am your subject! Be my queen! I will invite Xolo too! I love my twin siblings!

Ninjoy: Now thats more like it.

Ninjoy puts away her knife and Ivy jumps on Ninjoy.

Ivy: (growling) Did you think I am really gonna let you go like that?! Well how about this!

Ivy punches Ninjoy in her stoumach grabbing Ninjoy's knife and pointing it at her throat.

Ivy: Did you think i was really letting you go after what you done to me!?

Ninjoy: Curse you

Ivy: You shouldn't speak of the words of the underworld!

Ninjoy: I won't kill you later....

Ninjoy grabs the knife and threw it.

Ivy: AHHHH!!!
Ivy and joy

Ivy Get's Revenge

Ivy wakes up-

Xandra: Sis you woke me up! and Connor apparently. Xolo is still snoring.

Connor: Never scream like that again.

Xandra: What happened? Why were you screaming like a chicken with his head cut off?

Ivy: Nightmare.

Ivy walks up and checks her polka dot dress. Thank God it was safe in her closet.

Ivy: (Sighs) Get Back In Bed I'll Sing To You

(Connor, Xandra and Ivy Gets Back In Bed)

Ivy (Singing): Whenever You Get Caught In The Rain I'll Come And You Won't Have To Worry Becuses Everyone Worrys Sometimes And When You Go To Sleep Even At Night And The Morning Will Be Better

(Connor And Xandra Fell Asleep And Ivy Goes Into Her Bed And Falls Asleep Again)

The End