(The Teen Brigade Puts A Note On The Kid Brigade's Door Then Greg Gets The Note And Then He Starts The Meeting)

Greg: Attention Kid Brigaders I Got A Notice From The Teen Brigade They Said This: "Dear Kid Brigade Cry Baby's, We Are Challanging You Runts To A Food War, meet us at the clubhouse battle and bring some food ----The Teen Brigade---- P.S. This Is Cooper's Handwriting" Cooper, Ladie's Man Of An Older Brother So What Do You Say Kid Brigaders Should We Have A Food War?

All The Kid Brigaders (And Nick): YEAH!!!

(The Kid Brigaders Brought Dozen of Food And Builds A Fort And Greg Uses His Spyglass And Sees The Teen Brigaders Building There Fort And They Had brought some food Then After They Were Done Building There Forts The Teens Brought Out There Cannipult And Places The First Peice of food And Launchs It And It Lands On The Kid Brigade's Roof)

Greg: MY ROOF! Nick The Cake

(Nick Places The Cake On The Cannipult And Flings And Lands On Alberto's Face And Alberto Wipes His Face)

Alberto: Attack!!!

(The Teens Flings there food Off Of There Cannipults)

Greg: Attack!!!

(The Kids Flings there food Off There Cannipults)

(A Peice of Pineapple Lands In A Birds Nest, Then One Of The Watermellons Lands On Hank's Police Car, Then A Peice of Speghetti Lands On Wally's Head)

Wally: Hmm I Always Wanted A Hair Peice

(Then The Cannipults Went Crazy They Shooted Food On Everyone In The Town Such As: Edna, Kingsley, Pickle, Cecilia, and Big Pauly)

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