Hello! Welome to another episode, I mean the first episode of, INTERVIEWS!

Dude in audience 1 : Lame name!

Well, we're sticking to it. Anyway, today we are going to interview... PROFESSOR FITZ! ( He is supposed to come onstage, but he doesn't)

Where is he?

Backstage worker 1: He isn't here yet.

Well, since he isn't here yet, we will just tell things about him! Ok. So almost everyone thinks he is pretty smart, right? Well, in Disaster at Professor Fitz's Lab, he does something  pretty dumb anyways-

Professor Fitz: ( Teleports onstage) I'm here! What'd I miss?

Nothing, Professor.

Professor: That's good.

Well, now that you're here, we can start the interview! Ok. Tell us all about your life.

Professor: Well, to be honest, I have a really WACKY life...

Dude in audience 2: GET ON WITH IT!

Professor: Okay, okay. So.. to start it out... I was two. That's when I invented my first machine-

Dude in audience 1: Just  get on with the juicy stuff!

Professor: Okay. So the first juicy thing in my life was when  my mom had a party and she made a whole BUNCH of juice. Then, I drank almost all of it! Now that was juicy.

Dude in audience 2: Not that kind of juicy you idiot!

Yeah, I kinda agree with him.

Professor: Okay, okay. so, when I was in college, I had this rival named Joe Bob, or Professor Joe Bob. I beat him in a science fair, and he still seeks revenge now-

Joe Bob: ( comes in flying with a jet pack and some kind of gun ) I am here! How do compete with this kind of science?! ( Shoots Professor Fitz)

Professor: Aww! That WATER GUN hit my hair! It's ruined! ( Takes out paintball gun he always keeps ) Take that!

( war goes on )

Well, that end this episode! Bye for now- OW! Professor Fitz! Watch where you're aiming!