This is the 3rd episode of.... I NEED A NAMMMMMMME >:( How about High school lies? I think... Or... Um.. WHATEVER! High school lies:


Penny: *walks up to Mary and Rita* Um... guys..?

Rita and Mary: *not even looking at her* Hmmph! >:(

Penny: listen, I'm sorry about what I said before.. about you guys being jelaous?

Rita and Mary: *turn around* *sigh*

Rita: that's OK

Mary: Yeah, I WAS a little jealous...

Rita: Yeah me too...

Penny: Well now that is taken care of where is the cafeteria?

Rita and Mary: *look at eachother like she is some idiot*

Rita: Oh no no no no, at OCD we have a cafe, complete with coffee shop!

Penny: Really?! That's awesome!!!!

Mary: Well, what are we waiting for? let's go!!


Penny: Wow!

  • shows a full view of the cafe*

Random girl: So then I was like

Random Girl 2#: NOM NOM NOM

Random girl 3#: Um, do we have enough carrots?


Random fat girls 1# and 2#: NOM NOM SO DELICIOUS

Random guy: *drinks* *burps* AHHH! MUSCLE MILK :D

Penny: this is amazing!!

  • Shows the Barbie Doll Table*

Mindy: um... Brandi?

brandi: *ignoring her*

Mindy: Brandi!

Brandi: UGH WHAT MINDY?!?!

Mindy: um.. what are you eating for lunch?

Brandi: lettuce, now shut up -_-

Penny: Hey theres Brandi! I'll BRB guys!

Rita: Penny, Wait!

Mary: Well.. In a minute she'll know...

Penny; *walks up to the BD table* Hi!!


Brandi: Huh?


Brandi: oh, Penny of course I do! Come with me so we can catch up! OK?

Penny: Ok!

Brandi: *runs somewhere* Come ON Penny!!

Penny: *out of breath* Coming!!


Brandi: *in head* No one's here... perfect! *normal* COME ON! :D

Penny: I'm here! why are we behind the vending machine?

Brandi: oh gives us more privacy

Penny: Right... Anyways, OMG Brandi I missed you so much! And look at you, you're so gorgeous! Give me a hug!

Brandi: get of me

Penny: w-w-what?

Brandi: What makes you think you can barge into my life like this?

Penny: What are you talking about?

Brandi: Look here Penny, I'm not your BFLL or whatever anymore, OK?! That was so 7th grade, this is the11th grade now and I am rich and popular and the leader of the Barbie Dolls. I don't need PIGS like you ruining my perfect reputation!

Penny: WHAT?! D,:

Brandi: So stay away from me, we don't know eachother, OK?! This is my turf and you play by my rules, or your life is going to be miserable!

Penny: Brandi!!

Brandi: END OF STORY! if you can't handle it, you go right back to M town, where you belong! *leaves*

Penny: Wait!! *starts to tear up*

  • At home*

Mom: Oh hey Pen pen! I'm sorry you had to walk home!

Penny: *too mad to talk*

Mom: how was school?

Penny: Oh it was wonderfuk, just great! *starts to cry again*

Mom: Penny?

Penny: OH THAT STUPID PATHETIC MEAN *Breaks the window* UGH!!! TAKE THAT >:( BEST FRIRND FOREVER? MORE LIKE BEST FRIENDS FOR NEVER!! *rips up picture of her and Brandi at the beach* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH >:D I WILL REIGN SUPREME!!! Oh wait.. I wont... *starts to cry again*

Mom: Penny? Honey?! Where people mean to you?

Penny: *still crying* Oh mom... :( You were right Brandi DOESN'T want to be my friend anymore! Now that she's rich and popular!

Mom: Penny, calm down! if she is going to be like that she isn't worth your time, didn't you meet any other girls?

Penny: *sniff* yes...

Mom: And were they nice?

Penny: yes..

Mom: then you don't need Brandi do you?

Penny: yeah.. I guess you are right! With her bratty little friends, and her expensive clothes! And her stupid, but really hot BOYFRIEND! >:( i don't need any of that... Well I may need the boyfriend..


Penny: Hey guys!

Mary: Wow, Penny, I love your outfit!

Penny: Really?! You think so?

Rita: yea we think so! Oh great...

  • Brandi and her group wals over to them*

brandi: aw, look at this girls, it's little bo creep and her 2 ugly sheep!

Penny: Shut up, Brandi

Brandi: Wow, Penny, who made your clothes? Walmart

Mindy and Maggie: *laughing*

Mindy: No, I think her grandma made it!

Penny: Who made your outfit Brandi?

Brandi: Are you kidding me? Tiffany and co., who else? What a bunch of losers! Come on girls *leaves with the other Barbie Dolls*

Rita: just ignore them...

Penny: i'm sorry I didn't belive you guys before...

Mary: it's OK! I would be physched if my BFFL turned into a super brat, too!

  • At Math class (NOT WITH MISS SILVA)*

Random Teacher: And therefor, X x Y would equal 13 X divided by X to the power of 2!

Penny: *trying to concentrate but turns around and looks at Brandi and her friends talking*

Penny: Hmmph!

Random Teacher: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah- Miss Penny, pay attetention!

Penny: oh.. OK *turns around to the teacher*

  • After class*

Random Guy who is dressed as a monkey: hey Brandi, looking good!!

Brandi: I know, bananana face, I know! :D

  • Shows them at another class*

Alberto: *talking to brandi*

Brandi: kk, see you after class ;)

Science Teacher: Penny please take a seat -_-

Penny: oh, sorry! *sits down*

Penny: *sighs and stares at Alberto*

  • At home*

Penny: Mom!

Mom: yes honey?

Penny: Do you think we can go shopping?

Mom: why? Are your clothes getting too small?

Penny: No.. mom it's not that... I just don't fit in with the other girls at OCD...

Mom: Why, where do they shop?

Penny: tiffany and co.... Gucci...

Mom: Penny, those are major designers! they are wya too expensive!! How about we try.. abercrombie and fitch? or hollister! Do the girls at OCD shop there?

Penny: *sigh* no... thanks though.. Forget about it....

  • The Next day at school*


Penny: I can't wait for this day to be over!

Rita: you know what, Penny? We should take you shopping

Penny: Shopping? :D Well I COULD use a new wardrobe...

Rita: Yeah.. No offense honey, but we noticed. What about this Saturday, are you free?

Penny: Tomorrow? Yeah... But guys.. I realy can't afford good clothes

Mary: Don't worry we will pay!

Rita: We will?

Mary: *hits her on the shoulder*

Rita: Of course we will! *looks at Mary with an angry look*

Penny: No i can't let you!!

Rita; Oh come on Penny, please? We know you hate Brandi's teasing of your clothes and frankly, we don't too!

Penny: The only way I will become confident enough to agree with this is if I suddenly turn beautiful overnight!!

Mary: Penny! Shut up! You are gorgeous!! If I was a boy I would date you!

Rita: that sounds a little wrong...

Mary: I said if I was a boy, Rita...

Rita: STILL!!!

Penny: Um, have you seen my hair?

Rita; We can always take you to the salon while we are at it...Get it dyed a different color...

Penny: Will that really make a difference??

Rita: Duh! What would Brandi be without her bleach blonde hair?

Mary: you should totally go blonde!