(in wingeria)
Sleeping quintuplets 2

The Quintuplets Asleep At The End

Hugo: Hey Mandi, I want 6 honey mustard strips, 6 atomic boneless wings and two awesomesauce dips.

Mandi: ok!

Mandi: (talking to herself) Hugo hates wild onion sauce so I'll add wild onion sauce to his strips and boneless wings.

(Mandi adds wild onion sauce to his 6 strips and 6 boneless wings)

Hugo: why the heck did you put wild onion sauce in my strips and boneless wings??????????????

Mandi: just to trick you.

Hugo: I'm going home

Mandi: I'm staying here and then I'll go home with tony, sidney and jordin.

(That Night At The Spot House The Quintuplets Were Watching TV In Bed)

Kahuna: Say Hugie How Was Your Day Today?

Hugo: It Felt Terrible I Got 6 Strips And Boneless Wings In Wild Onion Sauce YEESH

Georgito: Hugo I Hate Theme To But Your Neice Rita Likes It

Rico: My Own Little Baby Girl Likes What We Five Hate

Franco: Yep Well Hugo Thats That

Hugo: Yeah (Yawn) Well We Should Go To Sleep We Have Work Tomaroow

(Kahuna, Georgito, Rico And Hugo Takes Off There Eye Glasses And Lays Down With Franco And All Five Of Theme Fall Asleep)

The End