The 1x1x1 Rubik's Cube is the most difficult puzzle of all time. totally...You need to have good strategies to solve it. There is only one, yes, ONE, combination to solve the 1x1x1. Since the cube is untwistable, you can just tell your friends that you solved the puzzle. To cheat on the cube, change the colors by peeling off the stickers or painting the sides in new colors.

The number of possible positions of the cube:

1! 1¹ / 1 = 1! = 1

Which means any permutation of the 1 corner cube is possible (1! positions), and 1 cube can be independently rotated (1¹ positions). There is nothing identifying the orientation of the cube in space, reducing the positions by a factor of 1.

You can also play some fun games with the cube. Here are some:

In a bowl of jelly/cake cubes, place the cube inside, and see who can find the cube first.

Have a competition with 10 people to see who can solve it in the longest amount of time.

Flip it upside down so people cannot know where the top face is.

Paint the blue side black and hand it to someone, and ask them to find the blue side or you will eat them for lunch

Grind it into powder and mix into cake. (if you do this, Clair will come to your house and take you to the hospital)

Fun fact: The only prime number that divides into 16 is 2. 2 is also the only even prime number.

Also, did you know that some people can solve the 1x1x1 rubik's cube in 0, yes, zero moves, from any scrambled position! Crazy, huh?