Only JK55556 and Colgate Pony234 can edit. Anyone else that does will be blocked. First, put a can of Chocolate Chips in the oven Second, put 2 chicken wings into the freezer. Keep in there for 1 hour. After done, drizzle wings with maple syrup and a cherry. Third, make 20 small pancakes, drizzle BBQ sauce and Guacamole and top it with melted chocolate chips. Fourth, make sure you mix orange juice and ketchup together and put it on a salad. Fifth, put an apple into the fryer and top it with mint chip ice cream. Put liquid into bowl. Give it to Sue.

Grab a pair of dice.

Roll a 1: She loves you

Roll a 2: She's Happy

Roll a 3: She doesn't care much for the food.

Roll a 4: She Leaves

Roll a 5: She storms out of the house

Roll a 6: She makes a mess, breaks everything and leaves.