How To Play Squirting Shotgun

use the arrow keys to squirt them off on same teams, where anyone with weapons are belongs to the other cats, be careful, if you do an awful job, the star meter will drop to zero, and begins where other people and say " Not this again? And if you press the X button or A or B button or Y button to play a different game, if you missed 1 more ball this time shot will be 0:00 to school and the bus will be late to the other girl and say "Please, No random adds?", the game is over?

How To Play Prudence's Race

press WASD or the arrows to drive, press P to shoot. press Escape to pause the game, press W+S to go to the weapo shop (main menu only.) Joystick controls: press X to go, triangle to brake, press the circle to handbrake. press the square to nitro and press START or SELECT to pause the race. press the hands to corner. in main menu, press SELECT, X, or circle to enter. To play this fanon game you need a DUALSHOCK controller. if you lost the race you will see You lost..., but if you win, you will see You won!! only for playstation3 and 1. at playstation1 you must press the right left up down keys to corner, because playstation1 do not have hands.