It all started one winter night. Penny went out with Alberto. Harmless? Dates should be harmless. But this one almost destroyed the world. The couple went to the Burgeria. After they finished their burgers, they left. That was the last anyone saw of Alberto. Excluding Penny. Penny saw what happened. Penny knew what happened, where it happened, and when it happened, but she wouldn't tell anyone. Why? It's hard to say. Penny thought that Alberto was still there, following her around. She would go on dates with a fake boyfriend. Everyone else knew that Alberto was gone, and he might never come back. Penny did not. At the Freezeria, she handed sundaes to 'Alberto'. He 'dropped' them, and she didn't get paid. She got fired and the Freezeria lost its reputation and closed. Her life was ruined, and Penny was completely oblivious. Sure, she knew that 'Alberto' had gotten the Freezeria closed, but she knew that she still had 'him'.