While The "C" Gang visited the Flipverse, Rotaro has escaped from his holding cell and went to the Flipverse. Then, he met Heaven and captured her.

Meanwhile, on Heaven's holding cell...

Heaven: Wh... where am I?
Rotaro: To the success of our clan.
Heaven: NOOO!!!!!!
Rotaro: There's no way you can escape. Now, where am I? Oh, yes. BRAINWASHING TIME!!!! (thunder crash)
Heaven: Stop that!!!
Rotaro: There is no way to stop this, you will now follow our orders.
Heaven: NOOO!!!!!!

The brainwashing machine has started working. Heaven has now forget what happened, who are her friends, where she live and other info. Then, she was fitted with an Evilizer Chip. She has now turned into an evil contributor.

Hopefully, The "C'" Gang is on their way to save her.

Charles: Cindy, Casey, Candace and Cassie! I am here to have another mission.
Cindy: What is it?
Casey: Is there an evil contributor again?
Charles: No. We are going to rescue Heaven!

Since Heaven has turned evil, she has captured The "C" Gang.

The C Gang woke up on Heaven's house. Heaven has slowly dipped them into really hot lava.

Fortunately, it was their Robo-clones. The real C Gang was on the Wiki Universe.

Sadly, Charles came back with a bad report.

Charles: Bad news. Heaven becomes one of those evil contributors.
Other members of the C gang: WHAT?
Charles: Yes. She is now finding us.
Cindy: Contributor name?
Charles: It is still Heaven. Well...
Casey: She doesn't leave the Flipverse, doesn't she?
Charles: I dont think so.
(Heaven blows up the HQ)
Heaven: Aha!!! I got you now.
Charles: Yes, I will go out quietly.
Heaven: What?
Charles: Yes, because I am not alone!!!! (sends The "C" Gang)
Heaven: (escapes)
The C Gang: (went to the Flipverse with Heaven)

Meanwhile, on the Flipverse...

The C Gang: Rotaro! What have you done to this user?
Rotaro: Well, I brainwashed her and placed an-- WAIT A MINUTE!!!! The C Gang...
The C Gang: Aha!
Rotaro: Well, it is time to continue this. BRAINWASHING TIME!!!! (thunder crash)
Charles: Well, we need to go out... QUICK!!!
Rotaro: Not so fast! (drops a cage to them)
Everyone: Oh no.
(the real Heaven came)
Heaven: Fooled you Rotaro!!!
Rotaro: Wh--why? I thought I brainwashed you!
(5 seconds remaining)
Heaven: Go go go!!! (teleports The C Gang outside)
(3 seconds remaining)
Heaven: Now, it is time to sacrifice. (shot the robot)
BOOM!!!!! (portals appeared)

5 portals later...

Charles: Well, we have got to Heaven's mind.
Casey: What is this button for?
Charles: Oh no you dont! (pressed the button)

The C Gang went back from what happened the week ago.

Heaven: Alright Cool A. Let us do this.
The C Gang: Alright. No one can hear us. Let us watch them.
Cool A: Okay.
(they forged their own banhammer)

1 hour later...

Heaven: It is done. 
Dawn (for Dawn14): Good.
Mario (for TouhouandMarioFan): Let us use this.
The C Gang: Oh no.

The C Gang followed The Heavenly Crusaders until...

Heaven: Stop spamming you contributor! (smashes the banhammer)

The C Gang: Phew.

The Heavenly Crusaders: Wait, (points the banhammer to The C Gang) who are you!
The C Gang: Wait, were friends! (shows their IDs)
Heaven: Alright, put them down.

Then, a black hole sucked them in.

Suddenly, they woke up in the Minecraft Universe.

Charles: Ughh. Where are we?
Heaven: I dont know.

Will they survive? Go on part 2 to know.