In hank's Bad dream

Hank : Cooper, I need three chocolate chip french toasts, powdered sugar, butter and maple syrup please.
Baby i had a nightmare

Hank Telling Kayla About His Bad Dream

Cooper : OK.

Cooper : Hank hates blueberries, so I will add blueberries.

(adds blueberries over and over and over again)

(22 minutes later)

Cooper : Sorry, Hank! But I finally made it!


Hank : (SCREAMS) It's got blueberries in it!

(runs out of Pancakeria and into Freezeria)

Hank : Hi, Alberto, I would like...

Alberto : Sir, We have got tons of new ingredients. Oh, I know your order! Large cup, Blueberries, Blueberry syrup, Chunky Blend, Blueberry Whipped Cream, Blueberries, Blueberry sprinkles, Blueberry Candies.


(runs out of Freezeria into Pauly's Pepper)

Hank : Hello! Big Pauly! Can I have some pepper for my food please?

Big Pauly : We have only Blueberry flavored peppers.

Sleeping whinley parents


(rouns out of Pauly's Pepper into the Tastyville Convenient Store)

Franco : We only sell blueberries..


(runs out of TCS and into house)

Hank : Fridge.

(looks at fridge to see their is only blueberries)


(runs out of his house)

Hank : Ice Cream Best. Do it your way

(runs into ice cream best)

Doan : Hi

Hank : Doan, I thought you work in the library

Doan : I'm also Ice Cream Best employee.

Hank : Can I have ice cream with chocolate chips, hold the blueberries?

Doan : Actually we need extra blueberries and More blueberry Chips?


(runs out of ice cream best into kid brigade and teen brigade)

Hank : Look at Zoe eating blueberries.

Hank : No, Zoe! Blueberries are my worst nightmare.

(runs out and sees helicopter billboard that says SURRENDER TO BLUEBERRIES)


(billions of blueberries with parachutes that are not real parachute down to Hank while he screams)


Kayla : What Hank?

Hank : I had a nightmare where I had to surrender to blueberries.

Kayla : We all know blueberries is what you hate but get back to sleep you nearly woken up Zoe.

Hank : OK!

(Back In Bad Dream)

(rushes out of kid and teen brigade into taco mia)

Hank: Mitch, can I please have..................

Mitch: Only with Blueberry flavored Meats ,Taco and Blueberry flavored Toppings

(Hank screams and runs out of taco mia into burgeria)

Hank: Rita, can I please have.........



(Hank runs out of burgeria into pizzeria)

Hank: Roy, can I have.........

Roy: 10003232 blueberry pizzas!


(Hank runs out of pizzeria into Ice creameria)

Hank: Gian, can I have...........

Gian: A blueberry icecream!

Hank: Oewah he will be transform into Rasper.

Rasper Comes To Life.

Rasper: Hello Omniverse I Will Defeat you First With My Blue Electros On My Hands And my First Spell and a little girl screamed, "NO, MOMMY! I DON'T WANNA GO!" Just like the goofy movie.

Hank: Nooooooo?

Rasper: Boemja.

Hank Has Been Defeated By Rasper.

(And He Wakes Up In Terror And Sees Kayla Still Asleep)

Hank: Thewy My Kayly-Poo's Still Asleep Let Me Check On My Zoey-Boo

(Hank Sees Zoe Waking Up)

Hank: Good Morning, Zoe-Zoe!

Zoe: Good Morning, Dad.

Hank: How Was Your Sleep?

Zoe: Great! How Was Yours?

Hank: Not So Good I Had A Bad Dream That Had Blueberries In It And You Where Eating Blueberries Too.

Zoe: I'll Never Eat Blueberries or Will Be Transform Into Rasper To Vanquished Me!

Kayla: Hank You Woken Up Your Daughter!

Zoe: No Dad Didn't Wake Me Mother I Woken Myself Up!

Kayla: Okay. Well Get Dressed on a Diet And Well Go To The Pancakeria For Breakfast You And Your Father I Have To Be At A Music Video At Nine this Hanukah, Hank.

Hank: Okay! What Song is it for Hanukah?

Kayla: My Dreydel.

Raffi and Kids: Did Someone Said "Dreydel"? Can We Sing It? Please?

Kayla and Hank: Okay!

Alberto, Raffi and Kids: I Have a Little Dreydel. I Made it out of Clay.

Kayla and Hank: And When It's Dry and Ready.

Zoe: My Dreydel I Will Play.

Gian, Big Pauly, Rita, Doan, Roy, Franco, Mitch, Cooper and Rasper: Dreydel, Dreydel, Dreydel. I Made It out of Clay. Dreydel, Dreydel, Dreydel. My Dreydel I Will Play.

Zoe, Kayla, Hank, Alberto, Rita, Roy, Mitch, Big Pauly, Franco, Cooper, Doan, Rasper, Gian, Kids and Raffi: Dreydel, Dreydel, Dreydel. I Made It out of Clay. Dreydel, Dreydel. Dreydel. My Dreydel I! WILL! PLAAAAAAAAYYY!!! (CHEERING)

The End