Gremmie in Cupcakeria: I would like a strawberry cupcake with red frosting, rainbow sprinkles, three cherries on both cupcakes.

Lonky: Okay! (to herself) I'll suprise him by going green!

3 minutes later: Here you go! 

Gremmie: WHAT IS THIS? (throws order at Lonky)

Lonky: I better go take a shower.

Gremmie: I'm going home.

Maggie: Okay, 3...2...1... NOW!

Mitch and Maggie Squirt Verde sauce at Gremmie.

Gremmie: Why Maggie? WHYYYY?!?!?!?

Maggie: Because I don't like you.

Gremmie: NOOOOOO!!!!!(Snaps out of daydream) GASP! 

Prudence and Yippy: What is it?

Gremmie: I had a daydream that a redheaded custom worker, Lonky gave me the wrong order then Mitch and Maggie squirted verde sauce at me!

Prudence: Oh her? She'll never do that! But Maggie might do that to you.

Yippy: Yeah! That custom worker is really nice! She'll never do that! She always gets my orders perfect! But she once failed on the frosting.

Gremmie: Okay. I feel a little better now.