Gremmie: Ahhh..... What a good day to go to the taco mia. Hey, Prudence?

Prudence: What? I'm going to the taco mia.

Gremmie: That's where I'm going! Anyway, I need a ride there. I don't know how to drive.

Prudence: Why didn't you learn how to drive?

Gremmie: Can we just go now?

Prudence: Sure.

( at taco mia)

Gremmie: Ahhh I love this place.

Prudence: Why because your girlfriend Maggie who doesn't even like you is here?

Gremmie: Ye- I mean no.

Maggie: May I help you?

Prudence: Yes, please. I would like a soft taco with chicken, white rice, black beans, lettuce, and verde sauce.

Maggie: Ok. And you?

Gremmie: ( fell asleep when Prudence was taking her slightly long order) yeah........... you look hot today Maggie.

Prudence: .... oh, shoot.

Maggie: What?

Gremmie: ( wakes up to some laughing in the pickup line)  What? What did I just do?

??????: Hahaha you are such a loser. Wait until I post this on Youtube!

Prudence: Xandra?

Xandra: That's right!

Gremmie: I thought you were arrested for stealing everyones stuff and leaving notes.

Xandra: That was a year ago!

Prudence: We can arrest you again!

(Ninjoy appears using a special jutsu)

Ninjoy: Not so fast! ( Throws a smokebomb, and when the smoke cleared out they were gone.)

Maggie: I hope I was hallucinating.

Gremmie: Hurry, Prudence! We need to get home on Youtube to see if she is actually posting that!

Prudence: Yeah, I don't want to be a humiliated guy's sister... okay.

They got in the car and went home. They rushed to the computer, shocked to see Yippy playing games on it.

Gremmie: Yippy! We need to get on the computer!

Yippy: Why?

Prudence: Because I don't want to be unpopular like Gremmie's gonna be!

Yippy: Wait! I need to feed this grouchy customer with long, ugly yellow hair and a dark green top  on Papa's Freezeria!

Gremmie: Are you reffering to me?!

Prudence: Never mind! We just need to get on the computer! Quick!

Yippy: Wait until I'm done!

Gremmie: Papa Louie games are endless!

Olga: What is going on?!

Yippy: They want the computer and I was on it first!

Olga: Gremmie , Prudence, wait until Yippy is done.

Gremmie and Prudence: Okay...

Prudence: Hey, how long can she play?

2 long hours later---------

Yippy: Done! You can play now!

Gremmie: Finally!

They search it up and find the video in the featured section.

Gremmie: 999,000,000 views?! I'm so humiliated! Q___Q