(In Gremmie's Bad Dream)

Gremmie: Huh Were Am I?

(Sees A Vampire Head)

Greemie: Gah

(Sees Frankinsteins Head)

Greemie: Nagh

(Sees A Ghost)

Greemie: Mother

(Sees One Hundred More Of Them And Wakes Up)

Gremmie: Granny Olg...Oh I'm Still Wearing My Sleeping Mask (Takes Off Sleeping Mask) Granny Olga!!!

(Prudence And Yippy Wakes Up)

Prudence & Yippy: GREMMIE! DO YOU MIND?

(Olga Comes Rushing In)

Olga: what's going on?!

Gremmie: I had a bad dream.

Olga: well too bad. ( locks him in the room)

gremmie : gah! ( wakes up)

Olga: what's wrong?!

Gremmie: I had a bad dream in a bad dream.

Olga: can you tell me about it?

Gremmie: I saw 102 monster heads woke up and you locked me in the room.

Olga: now, I wouldn't do that. And the lock is from the inside of the room, so I couldn't have done it in real life.

Gremmie: oh. whew.

Olga: okay, it is okay

Olga: sleep now


the end