Greg was Play Jacksmith

Greg: I Love this Game

Door Knocks

Hes Friends Came Over Play

Xandra: Can We Play?

Greg: chough*** chough***

Nick: Are You Okay?

Greg: I fill Okay! but my Mouth Fills Funny and my eyes are red!(Creepy)

Sarge Fan!: I think you should Rest! 

Radlynn: i agree with sarge fan!

Clover: Im calling Everyone


Everyone: Hello!

Clover: this is Clover,Greg is Sick, and he needs to rest!

Everyone: Where Coming!

Door Knocks

Cecilia Removes His Cap

Last, Lisa Removes Hes Socks and shoes

Greg: "WHY DID YOU GUYS TOOK EVERYTHING OFF ME!!!!!!!!!??????????"

Clair Comes in

Clair: Because your sick

Clair Takes Tempeture (1:000.66.889)

Clair: Oh Dear! Greg is running a desgustion tempeture

Everybody: EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

Clair: he will stay in Bed for......... 3 weeks

Greg Cries Worst

it has been 1 week, Greg has now pink eyes

it has been 2 weeks Greg Sickness is going away

It has Been 3 weeks Greg sickness has now gone!

Greg: I fill better now!

Greg: Thanks for helping Me Kid Bridgers

Nick: No Problem 

Kid Brigade: Cough

They Got.... EDIT REST!