This is for the founder, CM.

It was a normal day. We will focus on The Millers and the other abusive family members.

Meanwhile, on the Pizzeria...

Papa Louie: Hi Roy!
Roy: Hi Papa Louie!
Papa Louie: Where are you going?
Roy: I am chosen as one of the volunteers of the Anti-Child Abuse Department. Wanna join?
Papa Louie: Nope, I will guard the Pizzeria. Bye!
Roy: Bye!

Then, on the Anti-Child Abuse Department...

Doan: Alright. Now, we have gotten reports of child abuse from... umm, Roy?
Roy: Why Doan?
Doan: I can't read this list. Can you please help me?
Roy: Yes sir.

The List:

  1. Eurekas
  2. Millers
  3. Kays-Toplaws
  4. Razburgs-Capris
  5. Wheelers
Roy: The Millers, I Can Believe, The Wheelers, Olga Would Never Abuse Her Grandkids, The Eurekas, Mary Wouldn't Dare To Abuse Her Own Kids, The Kays and Toplaws?, and The Razburgs and Capri's, I Can Understand Ok The Millers Would Have To Be Arrested Doan
Doan: Ok Roy

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