Eureka House

Mary: Well Good Night Greg

Greg: Uh Ma?

Mary: Yeah?

Greg: What Is The Mind Is It A System Of Impalces Or Is It Just A Matter

Mary: Relax What Is Matter Never Mind What Mind Never Matter (laughs)

Greg: Thanks Ma

Mary: Good Night Greg

(Mary Turns Off The Lights And Greg Goes To Sleep)

Kay House

Taylor: Good Night Little Sis

Sasha: Good Night Taylor

Taylor: Sweet Dreams

Sasha: Thanks Taylor

Taylor: Sleep Tight

Sasha: I Will Taylor

Taylor: Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

Sasha: Hmm?

Taylor: Never Mind Good Night Sasha

(Taylor Turns Off The Lights And He And Sasha Goes To Sleep)

Toplaw-Jay House

Quinn:Good Night Joey.

Sarge Fan: good night Mom