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Papa Louie makes an announcement.He was gonna make terrible random glitches happen to all resturaunts.He plays music."When I press this button you'll be suffering glitches to your resturaunts."said Papa Louie."AHEMMM!?"coughed Maggie."What if it happened to your Pizzeria".Papa Louie pressed the button.And the lights turned out.WE'RE SUFFERING THE GLITCHES NOW

Glitches to the Gamerias

Pizzeria:Roy sees Pizza with Dark brown crust."Uncle Louie we have some sort of a problem Here."said Roy.Papa sees it but 7 seconds later,it turns to his natural color.Then their customer was:A PAPER,"Explain"Said Roy.The paper had:Chucks Voice."May I take your order"Said Papa Louie."I want Pizza topped with Roy"said Chuck/Paper."Is this possible?"asked Roy.A Book/Peggy,Fork/Allan and a Pizza Slice/Wally enters in."????????????????????????????"asked Papa Louie."Basically this is your Fault"Said Roy.

Burgeria:Marty serves a burger to a Hat/Mitch.It turns Into Burgerzilla."Burgerzilla!?"asked Rita.Then it teleports to a Shoe/Penny's mouth."Wow this is gonna be a good day"Said Marty sarcastically.The lights turn of.'It's Like a ghost town in here"Said Rita.The ghostbusters appear(Naturally Taylor,Cooper and Matt)"Someone say Ghost"said all of them."No we're good"said Marty.Then their's yellow patties."This is crazy"Said Rita

Taco Mia:Mitch was serving a Video Game/Chuck"I WANTED THE BEANS UNDER THE SOUR CREAM THIS TIME"screamed the Video game that turned into a Spatula/Greg."And how did this happened"Maggie."Quite randomly"Said Keyboard/Cooper."WHAT'S NEXT A TRAIN"ASKED MITCH.Then a taco some how turned random colors(Red,Green,Orange,Purple,Yellow,White,Pink,Grey,Black,and Blue).A Phone/Doan tries it."It taste like:Cherry,Lime,Orange,Grape,Lemon,Vanilla,Strawberry,Cement,Blackberry and Blue Raspberry."said The phone that turned into a Computer/Mandi.Mitch throws up."This is actually fun to watch"said Papa Louie.It turns dark."I really do not want to deal with this now"said Maggie


Pancakeria:The sign day 1 appears."Ok it's day with no customers"said Cooper.The sign day 1 appears at Day 2 without even starting day 1."ok i know it's day 1"he added.More signs says day 1."OK IT'S DAY 1"he added.The workers write a list down of glitches.Prudence writes down the Day 1 problem and NO CUSTOMERS."So Day 1,and No customers"she said."AND OUR FIRST CUSTOMER COMES"said Cooper.A Wheel/Akari was it."A Cooper a Day keeps the closers away,that's why i'll order Cooper for breakfast."said The wheel that turned into a Plant/Lisa."Not possible,there's no recipe called "Cooper" on the menu"said Cooper.Prudence wrote down:Customers turning into others,Plant,and wheels."Next glitches happening to the papa louie on top of the Restaurant,and a Book and a Fork"said Cooper.Prudence writes everything down."OK IT'S DAY 1"said Cooper.Then then next customer(Photo/Taylor ).Prudence serves his order."It's upside down"said the photo that turned into glasses/Sue.Prudence writes down:Upside down orders.Then FOODINI HOSTING A GAMESHOW AT THE WRONG TIME.Prudence writes that down.Today was dramatic

Wingeria:NO IDEA