Penny: Hey Prudence where are you going.

Prudence:We're going to the shoping mall

Penny:when?  Prudence: At night, its downtown.  Penny:can i come too please:(),  Prudence: but we've reserved.  Penny:i'll even share my pink bracelet with you oh oh and my pendant. Prudence: Wait we have place for three only.   Brandi enters- Brandi:whoa instead of her take me I'll even pay you.


Prudence:i don't know why Brandi wants to come with us she has lot more money.  Emma: maybe she wants to hang out with us.  Phone rings...   Prudence: oh hi Utah.......what then you're not coming....ok bye.    Prudence:that was utah she's not coming cause her mom and she are going to the coconut palm tree resort.  Emma: okay so we have a choice cause we three were going but since one is out i guess we can choose between Brandie and Penny.   

Prudence: why don't we take both for shopping at the delux mall and spa;).  Emma: but we have reserved three seats at the spa there are no other seats available. Prudence: okay we'll take both for shoping, when its spa time then we'll choose one. Emma:it's gonna be hard till then we'll keep quiet about it ;) 

Penny to herself: Brandi just wants to come so i won't have any fun with them, she has her money and

can shop how much she wants, why does she want to ruin my chance.  The next day..............

Emma: Hey prudence do think you we should invite brandi and not penny.   Prudence: ummm i think we should invite penny and not brandi.    Emma: if we don't invite one of them they'll think we hate them.   Prudence: don't be so worried we'll see how it works 😊.                                                                                                                                                       Penny gets a phone call from Emma: um penny i was thinking about the shopping trip, .....i think could you come with us next time i mean Brandi here is with us she says she'll buy you something,, is that alright........oh here comes the bus,,, gotta go.   Penny: Brandi must have given some of her braclets....thats what she always does 😒. 

Alberto calls penny on the phone: hey um penny i was thinking about this and i thought if you wanna come with me to the large pool at the delux spa and pool