Maggie : Clover, I'm afraid there's bad news. Sarge Fan! is in love with Sasha

Clover : NOOOOO!!!!!!!!

(runs into her bedroom crying)

(in the night time a scream can be heard)

Zoe enters Maggie house in the morning

Zoe : Maggie, You know what happened to Sasha last night

Maggie : I Don't Think I do..

Zoe : Your younger sister (angrily) MURDERED HER LAST NIGHT!!!!

Maggie : Clover

(Clover comes down the stairs)

Sue reads newspaper headline saying "PIZZA MONSTER FAN MURDERED BY JEALOUS PIANIST"

Sue : Did you kill Sasha, Clover

Clover : No

Sue : Why does it say so on the newspaper!

Clover : I dunno

Sue : Well tommorow, I'm meeting with the Kay-Whinely family about Sasha's demise.

(5 hours later)

Clover : Kid Brigade! We have to find out who was the actual murderer of Sasha

Greg : I dunno

Nick : I dunno

Clover : Did you do it, Marty!

Marty : No! I was busy making burgers

Lisa : Did you do it, Alberto!

Alberto : No! I was busy making sundaes

Greg : Did you do it, Cooper

Cooper : No! I was busy making pancakes

Lisa : Did yu do it, Uncle Rico

Rico : No! I was busy with my shift in the Chiliria next to the dog pound in Awesome Sauce City

(1 hour later)

Clover: That's all we got

(meanwhile in the Dark Force base)

Ninjoy : Ha ha ha, Derangio, this is great, You disguise as Clover killing Sasha and she's got the blame. Soon, That so-called pianist is going to end up at Maple Mountain Prison!

Tessero : Derangio, Why did you do that!

Xandra : Not very nice to disguise as people

Xolo : And murder their friends so they can get the..

Ninjoy : Silence!

(back at the Kay-Whinely household)

(Tessero enters)

Sue : Tessero, now's not a great time

Tessero : You've got to believe me Mrs. Stone, The musician girl didn't murder Sasha!

Sue : I think

Tessero : She didn't

(Tessero leaves)

Clover : If Hank finds me, I'm dead

Nick : But what about Kayla bossing him about the rules on the Maple Mountain Prison premises

Clover : Oh, Yes!

Greg : The Dark Brigade might be it

Lisa : Let's check that out, BFF Clover

Clover : Why did you have a crush on Sasha, Sarge Fan!

Sarge Fan! : Oh! Quinn blackmailed me into falling in love with her friend's niece to prove I'm more responsible! But I got away with this

Clover : A close shave, Joey Toplaw!

(the kid brigade, minus sasha, xandra, and xolo enter the dark force brigade hideout)

Ninjoy : Ha ha ha! Kimberly Monique Stone! Tastyville's Most Wanted

Clover : It was...

Xandra : Wait! What a..

Derangio : Thanks, Now I'm going to my master plan

Tessero enters)


Derangio : (imitates Tessero) You won't get away with this! (normal voice) but I'm getting started!

(Derangio morphs into Clover)

(Derangio then morphs back into his normal self)

Derangio : IT WAS ME THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

(a newly-revived Sasha comes back)

Sasha : Hi, Kid Brigade. I had a bad dream that Clover was gonna kill me.

Clover : Wait till I get Derangio to Hank

Derangio : Hank! This cage will do you good (traps Kid Brigade and Tessero in the cage)

Hank and Quinn : Stay away from those kids (simultaneously)

(Hank and Quinn free the Kid Brigade)

Hank : Jane "Ninjoy" Razburg-Joy, You are arrested!

Ninjoy : But

Hank : (angrily) NO BUTS!!!!

(Zoe enters)

Zoe : Derangio, you're going back to the Awesome Sauce City dog pound

(Derangio flies away)

Derangio : I'll be bark!!!

Zoe : He got away

Hank : You're grounded, Zoe!

Sasha : Sorry for stealing your crush, Clover

Clover : I forgive you

(The Kid Brigade enter back in their homes)