Foodini: Oh, I'm so hungry!

Dad: Get downstairs! It's time to go to school!

Foodini: No! I want to eat!

Dad: If you don't come down here in 10 seconds, I will come in there and beat you up!

Foodini: Fine! I'll go to school! (gets downstairs and goes to school)

(at school)

Teacher: OK class. We are doing a 60000 page essay about current events for homework. Now time for maths groups.

Teacher: Cooper, Prudence, Leila, Willow, Greg, Clover, go on the computer!

Willow: Yes!

Teacher: Roy, Gremmie, Sarge Fan, Akari, Robby, Cecilia, Mandi, stay with me!

Akari: Cool!

Teacher: Foodini, Papa Louie, Doan, Connor, Scooter, Peggy, Taylor, you are given math worksheets.

Foodini: What?! I wanted to use the computer!

(3 hours later)

Teacher: It's time to go. Have a nice day!

(at home)

Foodini: I have to do this essay about current events!


Foodini: Wait, I am eating right now? OK! Let's opem Microsoft Word and type this essay!

(5 hours later)

"Food is a item you can eat. There are all types of food available.

Food can be consumed at any time. It is not good to consume food

with lots of fat in it. Protein is good for your body. Don't make yourself

into food because there are starving kids in Africa."

Foodini: I'm finished! Let's check how many words there are.

(checks words)

Foodini: 60000 words? (singsongy) I'm finished! I'm finished! (x5)


Teacher: OK class, time to present your essays!

(Foodini presents his essay)

Teacher: You are supposed to write an essay about current events. This is just a stupid 52 word essay about food.

Foodini: But I was eating food while writing this.

Teacher: I'm sorry but I'm giving you an F minus. You are suspended for 2 weeks.

Foodini: Just don't notify my parents.

Teacher: I am going to notify your parents that you have been suspended. You have been the worst student in my 20 years of teaching.

(at home)

Foodini: Yes I'm suspended! Now that I'm suspended, let's celebrate by eating lots of food! Woohoo!

Dad: (knocking door) Open this door now!

Foodini: No!

Dad: Open now or I'll throw away all your food.

Foodini: OK!

Dad: Foodini, how dare you write a short essay! You will be punished!

Foodini: What will be my punishment? If you take away my food I will go freaking berzerk!

Dad: You are grounded for 2 weeks with no food.


Dad: Now come downstairs! It's time for your punishment beating!