Foodini: I'm hungry! Let's order some pizza!

(goes to

Foodini: I'll have a pizza with pepperoni, green olives, icons, and ice cubes.

(places order)

Foodini: Time to pick up the pizza!

(in pizzeria)

Roy: OK, your pizza is $11.34. Can I have the money now?

Foodini: $11.34?! I don't have that much money!

Roy: You cannot attempt to pay less unless you have coupons.

Foodini: OK. I have a 75% off coupon.

Roy: Foodini, this coupon expired 30 years ago!

Foodini: If you can't accept my coupon, I'll beat you up!

Roy: Foodini, don't you dare... (gets beaten up) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Foodini: Time to take the pizza home!

(at home)

Foodini: Pizza time! (x11)

(opens the pizza box)

Foodini: Where's my pizza? Oh wait, a note.

"We did not give you a pizza for 5 reasons:

1. Ice cubes melt on pizza thus making it soggy.

2. Icons are for computers, not pizza.

3. We don't have green olives.

4. Our pepperoni gone bad.

5. You beat me up.

Have a nice day! :D"

Foodini: NO!!!! THEY DID THE SAME THING AS WINGERIA!!!!! I WILL SUE PAPA'S PIZZERIA!!!!!!!!! *throws note in Trash Can,proceeds to Hot Doggeria*