(in 10th grade)

Teacher: I can't believe you are late for the 100th time! That's it, go back to 9th grade.

(in 9th grade)

Teacher #2: Time for lunch!

(Foodini brings an Pizza to the classroom)

Teacher #2: Why the hell did you bring Pizza to the classroom? Your supposed to bring healthy food. Pizza is not healthy.

Foodini: But...

Teacher #2: Go to 8th grade now and this means that you are going back to middle school.

(in 8th grade)

Teacher #3: Time to check homework!

(Foodini doesn't have homework)

Teacher #3: Where's your homework, Foodini?

Foodini: I burned in my fireplace

Teacher #3: Go to 7th grade now!

(in 7th grade)

Teacher #4: OK class, projects are due!

(Foodini doesn't have a project)

Teacher #4: Where the shit is your project?

Foodini: I froze it

Teacher #4: Go to 6th grade now!

(in 6th grade)

Teacher #5: OK, time to learn about chilli! Please take out your books now.

(Foodini doesn't have a book)

Teacher #5: Where is your book?

Foodini: I sliced it with a chainsaw

Teacher #5: Go to 5th grade now and this means you are going back to elementary school.

(in 5th grade)

Teacher #6: Hello class! Time for math test!

Foodini: Fuck you! You are a slut, dumbass, and a stupid bitch!

Teacher #6: How dare you say to your teacher! Go to 4th grade now!

(in 4th Grade)

Teacher #7: OK class,

Foodini: Damn it! I can't believe I got sent back to preschool!

(in preschool)

Teacher #13: OK class, time to get out chips.

(Foodini gets out chips)

Teacher #13: Please share the chips.

(Foodini eats all the cookies)

Teacher #13: Foodini, I can't believe you ate all the chips! You are expelled from school! Get your ass back home now!

(at home)

Dad: Foodini, I can't believe you got held back to preschool and got expelled! You are in time out! Now go to sleep you mother fucking ass head!