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Papa Louie: Hey Cooper, can you babysit Roy this afternoon?

Cooper: Oh, I'm sorry Papa Louie, I'm going to Prudence's family reunion this afternoon. Wait, Roy still needs a babysitter?

Papa Louie: He's been begging me endlessly to take him to Fizzo planet, which isn't even open yet.

Cooper: Well, I think Rico and Franco can babysit him.

Papa Louie: Very well, I will ask them.

2 hours later

Rico: I've never had to babysit before, what do you do?

Franco: Well, Papa Louie said to not remind him about you know what, so as long we dont remind him, we'll be ok.

(But then, a commercial for Fizzo Planet plays)

TV: Come to Fizzo Planet! Where we have Awesome rides, delicious food, and many more, all of it inspired by the most awesome drink! Opens on March 18, 2014!


Rico: We were so close.

Franco: Roy, the place doesnt even open for another 3 months.

Roy: Can we at least see the foundation?

Franco: If it shuts you up, then lets go.

Fizzo Planet Foundation

Rico: We're here.

Franco: And what do you know, it's closed.

Roy: They might be hiding everything inside!

Rico: If it shuts you up, lets go inside.

(The 3 step inside)

Franco: There's nothing in here, let's go home!

Roy: Stupid thing.

(Roy kicks the foundation, which suddenly flies at an incredibly high speed.)




(The 3 find themselves in space.)

Franco: Hey guys, look!

Rico: How did we end up in space?

Roy: I hope my Uncle Louie doesnt get mad.

Meanwhile on Planet Earth

Cooper: So prudence, this is a family reunion after all, so when am I going to meet your relatives?

Prudence: Oh, they're right in the kitchen!

Prudence: Here they are Cooper!

Prudence: This is my uncle Paco!

Paco: Si!

Prudence: My cousin Ally!

Ally: I am only here because I was forced to.

Prudence: My aunt Maria!

Maria: Hi!

Prudence: And that's Dave!

Prudence: Nobody likes you dave, everybody hates you!


Meanwhile on Fizzo Planet

Rico: Where are we?

(A person drives up in an ATV)

???: Why,you've landed on Fizzo Planet!

Franco: Fizzo Planet! You mean, this place is real?

????: While as real as the eye can see! Oops, I almost forgot to introduce myself, I'm Kevin!

Kevin: So before I give you a tour, how much do you guys like Fizzo?

Roy: Um, I actually dont like Fizzo.

Rico: I'm allergic.

Franco: I prefer Dr. Cherry.

Kevin:(Into a walkie talkie)We found the guys.

Kevin: Sorry to put you through all that trouble, but we just cant let you in. We had to implimate a password to prevent double agents. So if an agent says that he or she does not like Fizzo, they are an agent, because as we all know, it is impossible for one to hate Fizzo.

Roy: That sounds incredibly stupid.

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