(Greg Looks At His Calender)

Greg: Oh Geez Fathers Day Is Coming Up I Need To Figure Out What To Give Mr Timm! Maybe If I Ask My Friends There All Going Outside Today.

(Outside Greg Is Shown With Sasha Talking)

Sasha: What Mr Timm Would Like Is What He'll Really Like A Nice New Necklace Or Take Him Out To Dinner At The Wingeria

Greg: Thanks Sasha Say Sasha What Are Getting Your Lemon-In-Shoes Dad For Fathers Day?

Sasha: A Purple Micraphone With His Name On It.

(Greg Goes To Sarge Fan!)

Greg: Hey Joe What Ya Giving Your Step-Dad For Father's Day?

Sarge Fan!: I Dunn...Ya Know I Could Give Him My Big Headed Sized Sarge Helment Then He Can Be Sarge Fan!'s Big Step-Papa!

(Greg Goes To Nick)

Greg: Nick Bubby What Are Ya Doing For Your Japanese Dad?

Nick: (Thinking) A Printer Maybe

(Greg Goes To Penny)

Greg: Excues Me Penny May I Ask You A Question?

Penny: Sure Greg

Greg: What Are You Giving Your Dad For Father's Day

Penny: New Bowties

(Greg Was Going Home When He Sees Lisa)

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