Note: (This * means the age of those deceased people by the time their have died died)

Main Families

Romano Family Quartet :

  • Carlo Romano (20) (Carlo is the youngest of the Romanos. He plays the Mandolin. He thought Marty his first chords.)
  • Bruna Romano (24) (Bruna is the second youngest of the Romanos. She plays the Accordion and is the lead singer for the family. Originally, she is the only female member of the family who is still a customer, until Olga got married with Little Edoardo at Pastaria.)
  • Gino Romano (40) (Gino is Carlo and Bruna's cousin, and the nephew of Little Edoardo. Gino plays the Standup Bass. He appears to be the driver of the Romano Tour Bus, as well as the only obese member of the family.)
  • Edoardo Romano (65) (Edoardo is the father of Carlo and Bruna, the uncle of Gino, and the husband of Olga. He plays the Percussion. Known as the patriarch of the Romano Family, he is the smallest of them all.)
  • Giacomo "Gigante" Romano (70*) (deceased) (He is the late brother of Little Edoardo and father of Gino. He is also the husband of Florentina Romano.)
  • Giordana Romano nee-Colombo (73*) (deceased) (He is the late wife of Little Edoardo and the mother of Bruna and Carlo.)
  • Florentina Romano nee-Colombo(83) (deceased) (He is the wife of the late Giacomo and the mother of Gino.)

Russo-Joneston Family:

  • "Papa" Louie Russo (52) (Papa Louie is the owner of all the Papa restaurants in Flipverse.)
  • Roy Joneston-Russo (23) (Roy is the clumsy nephew of Papa Louie and the younger brother of Joy.)
  • Joy Joneston-Russo/Ninjoy (25) (Joy is the sister of Roy and the niece of Papa Louie. She is also known as Ninjoy, a criminal vigilant who is infamously known for stealing candies on babies.)

Neff Family:

  • Matt Neff (31) (Matt is the co-founder of Flipline Studios.)
  • Unnamed Sister (17) (She is the sister of Matt.)

Solary Family:

  • Tony Solary (30) (He is the co-founder of Flipline Studios.)
  • Mandi Solary (29) (She is the wife of Tony.)
  • Sidney Solary (5) (She is one of Tony and Mandi's daughters and the twin sister of Jordan.)
  • Jordan Solary (5) (She is the twin sister of Sidney.)
  • Bruna Solary (1) (She is the younger daughter of Sidney and Jordan.)