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Protagonists (Normal)

  • Elle (Main Character)


They fight against Blazetron's army of bosses.

  • Steven (KCP2015 Winner) beats Orange Breaker
  • Clair (Frostfield Doctor) beats Luau LePunch
  • Franco (Toastwood Planner) beats Maplefire
  • Mitch and Cherryl (Papa's Taco Mia! Chef/Wingate's Wife) fights Atomic Critter
  • The Shakers Band (Scarlett, Rudy, Marty and Clover) beats St. PepperMint
  • Joy and Roy (Pizzeria Chefs) beats Sugar Boo

Antagonists (Bosses)

  • Blazetron (Main Boss)


Elle helps others to fight a different boss from Blazetron in each episode.

  • Orange Breaker (Episode 1: KCP) defeated by Steven
  • Luau LePunch (Episode 2: Return Of The Coconut Champion) defeated by Clair
  • Maplefire (Episode 3: New Help) defeated by Franco
  • Atomic Critter (Episode 4: Wingate's Arcade Mention) defeated by Boomer
  • St. PepperMint (Episode 5: The Two Dollar Song) defeated by The Shakers Band
  • Sugar Boo (Episode 6: The Haunting of The Dojo) defeated by Joy and Roy


  • Kingsley's Customerpalooza (Episode 1)
  • The S.S. Louie (Episode 2)
  • Maple Mountain (Episode 3)
  • Starlight City (Episode 4)
  • Whiskview Mall (Episode 5)
  • Sakura Bay (Episode 6)


Episode 1: KCP

Kingsley: Okay, KCP2016 is almost over!

Emmeline: I'm going to lose!

Elle: Bye Scarlett girl.

Kingsley: The winner is...Elle!

Elle: I'm so happy!

Emmeline: Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Kingsley: I'm sorry Emmeline, but Elle was the best girl to have this character exist to everywhere like others.

Emmeline leaves KCP.

Kingsley: Elle, you can visit the Flipverse!

Elle: Yay!

meanwhile in Munchmore.

Rasper: Blazetron, I see in the Flipverse Portal a 3rd girl winner of KCP, I imaginate her name is Elle.

Blazetron: ELLE IS WANTED! Orange Breaker, can you capture her?

Orange Breaker: Yes. but first I will break the wall of KCP before I will capture her.

Rasper: wait, I send a lot of Wanted Elle pictures everywhere in Munchmore so. the others will stop her for good.

Hucklebattler: At least Rasper, I will have to ask the other scientists to create mad plans for Elle!

Rasper: Good idea, we work over this! Blazetron, send Orange Breaker with the Flipverse Portal into KCP.

Blazetron: Also I had plans too for her, I hire the other boss trons of food such as Burgertron, Bobbletron, Sargetron

Blazetron: Okay Orange Breaker, You are ready.

Orange Breaker: Prepare for you Elle...

Back to KCP.

Kingsley: KCP2016 is over!

Elle: I hear something big!

Kingsley: is that an Earth Attack?

Wall: BOOOOOOOOM (destroyed by Orange Breaker)

Kingsley: What's your name wall crusher!

Orange Breaker: I'm Orange Breaker.

Elle: What are you going for?

Orange Breaker: I want to catch you to bring it to my blueberry boss!

Elle: I ran away!

Kingsley: Elle, run!

Orange Breaker: *grabs Elle and escapes from other customers*

Steven appears.

Steven: You tangerine guy!

Orange Breaker: I kiddnnaped this school girl for Blazetron!

Elle: Please Help!

Boss Battle starts.

Orange Breaker: I throw a ton for your damage Steven!

Steven: I got Golden Ball!

Steven throws Golden Ball to the ton and the ton rolls back and attacks Orange Breaker.

Orange Breaker: I use shield! *he lost Elle from grabbing by the ton*

Elle: I ran away! *escaped to another location from Orange Breaker*

Kingsley: Hurry, before the boss will catch you again!

Elle leaves KCP.

Orange Breaker: Oh no! Elle escaped!

Kingsley: Yes. Steven, Throw the ball to defeat him!

Steven: Hah! *throws Golden Ball into Orange Breaker's head*

Orange Breaker: Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! *screams*

Orange Breaker defeated.

Boss Battle ends.

Steven: This boss was easy.

Kingsley: Yeah.

Episode 2: Return Of The Coconut Champion

Elle: *swims to Cori's ship*

Captain Cori: Look, a school girl is swimming!

Elle: Hello there, can you please stay me up something to your ship?

Captain Cori: Alright.

the captain activates an huge anchor to bring Elle into her ship.

Elle: I'm in!

Captain Cori: What's your name?

Elle: I'm Elle.

Captain Cori: I'm Cori.

Elle: What is your name of your ship?

Captain Cori: S.S. Louie!

Elle: Cool.

meanwhile in Munchmore.

Hucklebattler: Radley Madish!

Radley Madish: There you Hucklebattler!

Hucklebattler: I have something to ask you. Elle have won KCP2016 and Blazetron have wanted for her.

Radley Madish: Hm. what occupation of that person?

Hucklebattler: A school girl in blue.

Radley Madish: Coconut Champion, Grab Elle and bring it to me!

Luau LePunch: Also. I'm going to knock Captain Cori for rampage since my arriving in When Sundaes Attack!

back to S.S. Louie.

Captain Cori: I will learn you about the info of Calypso Island.

Captain Cori: this place is based off forall summer, Calypso Island has a sundae restaurant from Papa Louie and it's called Papa's Freezeria.

Captain Cori: When my ship has been attacked by Luau LePunch and other baddies and I got sucked into the violet portal to the land of munchmore with my broken flag.

Elle: Great stories!

Captain Cori: Luau LePunch would return to find me for not being captived.

Luau LePunch arrives.

Luau LePunch: Yes. It's time to knock you Cori!

Luau LePunch: And Elle, I will capture you into Munchmore!!!!!!

Elle and Cori: WE SHOULD HIDE!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they screams and runs into the concert room.

and Clair arrives.

Clair: Hey, coconut champion. Ready for an epic battle?

Luau LePunch: Watch out for my gummy gloves, LePunch!

Boss Battle starts.

Clair: I damage you with my hospital hammer!

Luau LePunch: punching time.

Clair: *attacks with hospital hammer but. LePunch's arms is too strong.*

Luau LePunch: *punches Clair*

Clair: Ow! *throws hospital hammer and destroys Luau Lepunch*

Luau LePunch defeated.

Boss Battle ends.

Elle and Cori: Thanks, Clair!

Clair: No prob!

Episode 3: Burned Woodbuildings

Elle: Hi, Barry!

Barry: Hi! Congrats on winning.

Elle: Thanks!

Johnny arrives.

Johnny: I slice wood with my axe!

Johnny cuts an big wood.

Barry and Elle: Wooow!

meanwhile in Munchmore.

Rasper: Hello my dino friend!

Pancake-Rex 2.0: Beep! Is there something in the Flipverse?

Rasper: Yes, a school girl named Elle.

Pancake-Rex 2.0: Do you want that Blazetron will get her?

Rasper: Yep, hire an Maple boss!

Pancake-Rex 2.0: Maplefire, come over here and catch Elle into your forest!

Maplefire: BURN! BURN! BURN!

Rasper: Maplefire won't talk, he just love fire elements.

Pancake-Rex 2.0: Burn Papa's Pancakeria and other wood buildings with your fire attacks!

Pancake-Rex 2.0: and Rasper, summon a portal to Maple Mountain and Maplefire will go into it!

Rasper: Right. *activates an portal from his spell to Maple Mountain*

Maplefire: BURN! *goes to the portal and get sucked to Maple Mountain for an epic survival*

back to Maple Mountain with Maplefire.


Maplefire breaths a woodhouse.

Yippy: Help! my house on fire! *runs out of the burned house and closes her cookie scouts work*

While on Johnny and his customers.

Johnny: I have for you both to meet my woodhouse.

Johnny: So. Let's go into the door and drink something peppermint tea!

Barry and Elle: We are going for!

While on Maplefire.


Maplefire breaths the prison.

Hank: No! my prison on fire! *runs out of the burned prison and ride on his police car*

inside the Woodhouse with Johnny.

Johnny: It's already warmed so. drink it!

Barry and Elle drinks peppermint tea.

Barry and Elle: That's delicious!

Johnny: Thanks.

While on Maplefire again.


Maplefire breaths the garage.

Wendy: Hey! my garage on fire! *runs out of the burned garage and stops her mechanic job*

While on Johnny again.

Johnny: Okay, we have to leave and see Papa's Pancakeria with our chefs!

Barry and Elle: Who are the chefs?

Johnny: Cooper and Prudence, when they won PNC2011.

Barry and Elle: So. we are going to visit the restaurant!

Johnny: Along with me.

They leave the Woodhouse.

And while on Maplefire once again.


Maplefire breaths the restaurant with the biggest attack And goes on a huge alarm.

Cooper and Prudence: All customers, the restaurant on fire. GET OUT!!!!

They leave the restaurant and the machine decorations explodes.

Pancakeria's Machines: BOOOOOOOOOOOOM

While on Johnny once again and asking the customers.

Johnny, Barry and Elle: What's happening customers?

The Customers: Maplefire destroyed the 3 woodbuildings and Papa's Pancakeria too!

Johnny, Barry and Elle: We should find him!

Cooper and Prudence: We will do it!

The Customers: Let's go!

They goes to Maplefire's Fire Place at the top of Maple Mountain.

All: You Maplefire!

Maplefire: BURN! BURN! BURN!

Franco and Ember arrives.

Franco: I'm the one to stop him.

Ember: Use my hoses to defeat him!

Franco: Okay, time to squish some water!


Boss Battle starts.

Franco and Ember: Squish! *shoots water at Maplefire*

Maplefire: PYRO SMOKE! *blocks hoses and attacks Franco and Ember*

Foodini arrives.

Foodini: I throw my balloons with water!

Foodini throws water balloons on Maplefire.

Maplefire: FIREBALL! *destroys water balloons and attacks Foodini*

Foodini: No! My balloons are destroyed.

Foodini loses the battle and falls into the forest

and Lisa arrives to help Franco.

Lisa: Franco, squish Maplefire as you can!

Franco: Ok. Blast off!!! *squishes water again on Maplefire*

Maplefire: FLAME CHRONOS! *attacks Lisa*

Lisa: Aaaaaah!!!!! *harmed by Maplefire's attack*

Franco: No, Lisa!

Maplefire: MAGMA SPHERE! *attacks Franco but squished by Ember*

Ember: Squish him hurry. I will defend Lisa.

Franco: *squishes water once again on Maplefire*

Maplefire: INFERNO CHAOS! *too late for his biggest attack and defeated by Franco*

Maplefire: FIRE MELTING! *squished by water from Franco and turned into a rock statue*

Maplefire defeated.

Boss Battle ends.

Johnny: Maplefire turned into a rock statue as an decoration!

All: But. How to rebuild all 4 woodbuildings?

Barry and Elle: We got an idea, find some burned wood from Maplefire.

Johnny: And I continue cutting trees.

Elle: I'm away to the next one, bye!

Episode 4: Wingate's Arcade Mention

Elle: This location has lights. Wow!

Papa Louie: Hello, you are the KCP2016 winner from Kingsley.

Elle: Who are you?

Papa Louie: I'm Papa Louie and I'm a italian chef. What's your name?

Elle: I'm Elle and I beat Emmeline in the grand finals.

Papa Louie: Welcome to Cookin' County! Don't worry about Emmeline, she also won a prize: an unforgettable trip to a Greek island!

Emmeline: I am going to the airport to use my ticket!

Papa Louie: So, there are a lot of monsters invading the Flipverse.

meanwhile in munchmore.

Atomic Critter: So the school girl in the blue suede shoes-

Hucklebow: Blue suit. Who is she, Elvis?

Atomic Critter: Oops. The girl in the blue suit is talking to that creepy Italian chef!

Hucklebow: Go and get them!

Atomic Critter: Okay! She won't be complaining about how much she likes her blue shoes-

Hucklebow: SUIT!

Atomic Critter: I'll go get them.

back at Starlight City.

Chuck: Hey, eat something wings in Papa's Wingeria!

Mandi: And some salad on it!

Boomer: Let's open the fireworks and it's time for party!

Ember: The firewoman is on the rescue from fire threats!

Wingate opens Arcade Mention.

Wingate: Check it out everyone! here it is, the ARCADE MENTION!!!!

All: Woooow!!!!!

Back in munchmore.

Hucklebow: An ugly arcade? WITH HORRIBLE GAMES???

(Atomic Critter) And that high school girl? I like her blue shoes.

(Hucklebow) SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back at the Arcade Mention.

Darryl: Wingate, how many points of your job has it?

Wingate: It's 12.50 POINTS!!!! Customers enjoy it!

Darryl: Yeah!

(Back in munchmore)

Hucklebow: Atomic Critter, go find Elle. Also, beat her.

Atomic Critter: Ok.

Back in the Arcade Mention

Atomic Critter: Game over, Elle! You're about to lose!

Elle: Anyone help!

Atomic Critter: And I want earn all the points Wingate!

Wingate: I won't give any points. Cherryl, it's fighting time!

Cherryl: Cheering!

Maggie: The opponent wants to fight you and the salad cheerleader.

Mitch: Ok. Let's Battle!

Boss Battle starts.

Mitch finds a golden ball And throws it at Atomic Critter

Atomic Critter: Ow! ATOMIc BLAST!!!

Cherryl: Magic Crystal! *Blocks Atomic Blast attack*

Mitch: Taco Bomb! *he throws taco bombs at Atomic Critter, he blocks them*

Atomic Critter: Sauce Breath!

Cherryl: Aaaah!!! Power Beam! *she blasts down Sauce Breath*

Atomic Critter: Fire Sphere!

Mitch: Aaauuugh!!! Salad Rolls! *increased burning from Fire Sphere attack*

Wingate: Ow! OW! AOW!

Cherryl: Barrier! *she protects Mitch and her with a barrier that lasts for 60 seconds*

Atomic Critter: Mega Boomerang! *throws at Boomer's rockets*

Rockets: BOOOOOOOOM *attacks a lot of others*

Customers and Darryl: AAAAAH!!!!!

Boomer: AIM AND SHOOOOT!!!!! *hits Atomic Critter*

Atomic Critter defeated.

Boss Battle ends.

Elle: Thanks guys

Mitch: You're welcome.

Cherryl: We leave the city. Bye Wingate!

Wingate: Ok. I'll keep my arcade job for earning more points!

Episode 5: The Two Dollar Song

Elle: Hey Mitch and Cherryl, Whiskview Dance Studio is opening!

Mitch: Let's go watch the Shakers' concert!

At the concert.

Scarlett: Welcome to our concert!

Mitch: Can't wait!

Elle and Cherryl: We will see their song playing at night!

meanwhile at munchmore.

Cupcake Zombie: MORE CUPS!!! Saviors!

Then. He and his army sees Wanted Elle pictures in their castle.

Cupcake Zombie: What's this?


Cupcake Zombie: Do you mean that Elle is wanted?

Zebra Striper: Hm. A customer. I call Mixer-Zord!

Mixer-Zord: I finally escaped from that box and found you!

Zebra Striper: Where?

Mixer-Zord: In my compactor at the Sweeter side!

Cupcake Zombie: Mixer-Zord, can you find St. Peppermint and tell him to attack Elle when the concert starts at midnight?

Mixer-Zord: Yes.

Cupcake Zombie: Where are those cups I want?

Zebra Striper: Here they are.

Cupcake Zombie: Thanks.

Back to the concert.

There are a lot of people here.

Pepon: I think I will participate in the next BFCI!

Koilee: Can't wait!

Hegan: Let's hear that rock music!

Elle: I'll go get some David Soda!

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Episode 6: The Haunting of The Dojo

Elle: Let's go to Kunoichi Dojo!

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