Dusty is Mordecai's dog. She first appeared in Scooter's Tiring. She has gray fur the colour of dust, long gray hair with bangs being clipped off to the right by a gray hair clip, a long, bushy tail with a white tip, white patches on her paws, perky fox-like ears with white tips, walks upright, and on her front paws she has opposable thumbs. She wears a gray off shoulder shirt with a black bra underneath, dark teal jeans, gray sandals, a gray belt, and wears black eyeliner, black eyeshadow and mascara. Her name is derived from her dusty appearence. Along with Mordecai and Eileen, she is able to speak Pig Latin. Her twin sister is Snowflake.

Friends: Mordecai, Rigby, Scooter, Clover, Rita, Akari, Xandra, Ivy, Bruna Romano, Trishna, Radlynn, Utah, Nevada, Captain Cori (she calls her CC for short), Mindy, Willow, Peggy, Prudence, Lisa, Yippy, Maggie, Penny, and Heaven (at times)

Enemies: Quinn, Xolo, Marty, Cooper, Kahuna, Radley Madish, and Heaven (at times)

Personality: Mysterious (sometimes), fun, lazy (somewhat), sexist (only towards Radley Madish)

Love interest: Rain (one-sided on her side)