Do Not Edit or else i will tell the Wiki to block you! A Day At The Metro is the 1st DVD with episodes from the Papa Show.


1: A Day At The Metro

The whole gang is in the metro! it took a while until, Xolo, Putted his feet outside the metro, As well as the whole gang saves Xolo.

2: The Fair

Yippy, Hope, Deano, and Roy go to the Calyspo Island Fair to meet their friends and family. They saw Papa Louie, Penny, and Alberto messing up all the booths! When they called Wendy over, They came back on the rides.

3. Grand Parade

Lisa and Kayla looks out for cars before the parade begins. Will the parade start if Papa Louie and Roy clean up before the parade starts?

4. Perri's Sleepover

Perri's mom and dad are going to a metal show. While Perri was with Skyler they had so much fun. Perri also played and cared too!

There are also 2 other futures:


There are 3 trailers.

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