(at the Hot Doggeria, with 15 O-themed inspired items, and 4 T-themed items)

Female Custom Worker: "Of course it's the final worker customer in the lobby! May I take your order?"

Cooper: "I want a hot dog in a chicago bun, mustard, white lettuce, peppers, another more mustard, small tangerine pop, large caramel popcorn."

Female Custom Worker: "Got it!" (to herself) "It's been ten weeks, it only took me that long to reach Rank 48, but Cooper hates wild onion sauce, kielbasa, and weird buns, so I'll give him a raw kielbasa in a weird bun, and so many wild onion sauce. Cooper hates Lemon Mist so I'm giving him a large." (adds a kielbasa to a weird bun, adds 10 squirts of wild onion sauce, large lemon mist, and gives it to Cooper)

Cooper: (long bleep)! (pulls out the chocolate whipped cream, targets the female custom worker, and fires at will)

Female Custom Worker: "I gotta take a shower."

Cooper: "I'm outta here." (gets out of the lobby)