(in the taco mia)

Cooper: I want pita taco with pork, beans, tomatoes, brown rice, and cheese sauce.

Mitch: Coming right up!

(in the kitchen)

Mitch: (to himself) I will give him a lot of spicy stuff on the taco. (adds hot sauce and 20 jalapenos)

Cooper: (angry) This is what you deserve... (gets out a bottle of vanilla syrup)

Mitch: What is the big idea? What are you doing with the vanilla syrup?

Cooper: TOO (bleep)ING BAD! IF ITS PAYBACK YOU (beep)ING WANT, IT'S PAYBACK YOU'LL (bleep)ING GET! (squirts the vanilla syrup)

Mitch: I'll go take a shower.

Cooper: I'm going home.

Clover: Okay, 3...2...1... NOW!!!

Clover and Scooter squirt hot sauce at Cooper.

Cooper: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU (bleep)ING DO THIS!!!!! (gets out Flavor X drizzle)

Clover: Wha? Why are you doing this?

Cooper: TOO (bleep)ING BAD! IF IT'S (bleep)ING REVENGE YOU (bleep)ING WANT, IT'S (bleep)ING REVENGE YOU'LL (bleep)ING GET! HERE YOU (bleep)ING GO! (he squirts it)

Clover and Scooter: We'd better go take a shower.

???: He's a swearerer!

Clover: Mordecai!

Mordecai: (ties him to a post)

Cooper: Oh, (bleep).