( In bad dream )

Cooper: Ahhh.... I think I'm going to the pancakeria today.

( goes to pancakeria in car )

Cooper: Hello, Prudence.

Prudence: Hello. What would you like?

Cooper: I would like-

Prudence: OMG! I almost forgot! Guess what?!

Cooper: What?

Prudence: Papa Louie was nice enough to give me a vacation tomorrow, so you would be working with him tomorrow! Isn't that great?


(Cooper wakes up and starts crying then cookie wakes up and comes up against him and purrs)

Cooper: Hey, Cookie what are you doing here?

Peggy: Hey Cooper!

Cooper: Hi.

Peggy: Guess what?

Cooper: What?

Peggy: I got a telephone message by Prudence while you were asleep ,and she said Papa Louie gave her a vacation tomorrow so you will be working with him tomorrow! Isn't that great?


Peggy:guess what it is your dream?


(he started crying)