Cooper gets horrible meals and squirts sauces and syrups at workers.

Cooper vs. the Burgeria


Marty: I'll make you a great tasting burger. (puts a raw patty on the bun and adds lots of condiments, onions, pickles, and cheese)

Cooper: How dare you (bleep)ing serve me a (bleep)ing raw patty! Time for payback! (gets out a bottle of parmesan sauce)

Marty: Hey what are you doing with this parmesan sauce?

Cooper: TOO (bleep)ING BAD! IF IT'S (bleep)ING PAYBACK YOU (bleep)ING WANT, IT'S PAYBACK YOU'LL (bleep)ING GET!!!!!! (squirts parmesan sauce at Marty)

Marty: I want to take a shower.

Cooper vs. the Taco Mia!


Mitch: I'll make you a taco. (puts raw beef in a taco shell and adds lots of hot sauce and jalapenos) I finally made it. 

Cooper: This is what you (bleep)ing deserve for (bleep)ing serving me an extra extra (bleep)ing spicy taco! (takes out a can of choco whipped cream)

Mitch: Hey, what is the big idea? What are you going to do with the whipped cream?

Cooper: I WILL GET (bleep)ING REVENGE ON YOU!!!!!! (sprays the cream at Mitch)

Mitch: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH IT STINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cooper vs. the Pizzeria


Roy: I'll get you pizza! (puts 24 peppers on the pizza and bakes it for 2 hours)

Cooper: What is taking so long?

(2 hours later)

Roy: Sorry it tooks so long, but i finally made it.

Cooper: I waited 2 hours for a burnt pizza?! What the (bleep)?! (takes out a bottle of blueberry syrup)

Roy: What are you going to do with the blueberry sauce?

Cooper: Let me teach you some math. 2 hours of waiting + a burnt pizza = NO (bleep)ING POINTS!!!!!! SEE FOR YOUR (bleep)ING SELF!!!!!!! (squirts the blueberry syrup at Roy)

Roy: I have to take a shower.

Cooper vs. the Wingeria


Eileen: Here it comes! (adds a can of chicken strips and drops four to the frying pan, and another of shrimp adding four to the frying pan, and just adds the raw meats to the check bin, covering the chicken strips with wasabi sauce, and shrimp with honey mustard sauce, adding the meats all around the plate as well as carrots and cheese cubes, and gives the meal to Cooper) Hope you like it! (here comes Cooper's mean expression) You (bleep).

Cooper: You deserve something... (takes out a bottle of papa's ballpark mustard and aims it at the Eileen)

Eileen: What's the big idea? What are you doing with the mustard?

Cooper: SEE FOR YOUR (bleep)ING SELF! (squirts the mustard at the Eileen) (to himself) She's gonna take a shower. There are two restaurants and two syrups left.

Cooper vs. the Hot Doggeria


Eileen: As soon as possible it will happen! (adds Kielbasa to the oven, puts it in a regular bun, adds 18 jalapenos, and gives it to Cooper)

Cooper: (bleep) YOU, CUSTOM WORKER! (bleep) YOU!

Eileen: Get out of my shop! You ain't welcome here, buddy!

Cooper: (takes out a bottle of mint syrup and aims it at the Eileen)

Eileen: I'm so scared!


[Cooper squirts mint syrup at Eileen]

Eileen: After the day, I am taking a shower.

Cooper vs. the Pancakeria

Cooper: I would like 2 pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and maple syrup.

Prudence: OK! (writes "You Suck" on plate with syrups, and gives to Cooper)

Cooper: WHY, PRUDENCE, WHYYYYYY!? (crying) (long bleep)!
U suck

Well, I guess this is the end of their relationship.

Prudence: Turns out, I just wanted to get revenge on you.

Cooper: WHAT?! WHY WOULD YOU (bleep)ING DO THAT?!?

Prudence: So, I guess you want to break up.

Cooper: Then, let's see if you can take this. (takes out a bottle of rainbow sherbet syrup) IF IT'S WHAT YOU WANT, IT'S WHAT YOU'LL (bleep)ING GET!

Prudence: Are you gonna squirt this at me?


(Cooper squirts rainbow sherbet syrup at Prudence)

Prudence: I better go take a shower.

Cooper: This is the final straw. I'm going home. It's time for me to quit her.

(Every worker takes a shower and goes back to the work)

(Every worker says sorry for Cooper)

Mary: How was your day my boy?

Cooper: Terrible! I did go to a lots of restaurants and got terrible orders and I squirted syrups on workers!

Mary: ok?

Cooper: Yeah

Mary: ok, now sleep