Mary: Ok Kids and James Time For Bed.
  • Inside Cooper's Bad Dream
  • Cooper Waking Up From His Bad Dream
  • Mary Conforting Cooper From His Bad Dream

Robby, Peggy, Cooper and Greg: Yes Mom

James: Yes Mary

(In Cooper's Bad Dream)

Cooper: Why Prudence? WHY?????????????

Prudence: Becuses I have to care about my sister more than you! I love her!

Cooper:WWWHHHYYY?!?!?! Prudence: I HATE YOU!!!

Prudence: You know that show you are trying to put up about Cookie? Have fun trying out how to do that! I doubt that you could do it!


Prudence: I should go now, my desicion is final! I HATE YOU!

Prudence leaves.

(Cooper Wakes Up From His Bad Dream And His Mother Comes In In Her Pajamas)

Mary: Huh (Gasps) Cooper! Why are crying?

Cooper: I Had A Bad Dream That Prudence Dumped Me (Sniffs)

Mary: Prudence Won't Do That To You.

(Mary Kisses Cooper)

(back in dream)

(Prudence morphs back into Derangio)

Derangio : Now I've made Cooper really sad (laughs maniacally)

Tessero : Why would you, as Prudence, insult him. He is very friendly to me and buys me bones.

Prudence : Hello, Cooper

Tessero : Oh, blow. It's the real Prudence. Why do you always have to be evil

Derangio : because being evils my speciality

Cooper comes back and sees the real Prudence

Prudence : Hi Cooper

Cooper : Prudence, you're back

Derangio : Tessero, I, Derangio VI, behave evil because my great great great grandfather was very evil he sent out dog biting lice infections across the city but they ended when he got ran over by Xandra's great great great grandfather's car.

(dream ends)

Cooper : Sure a good dream

(the end)