(Connor Watchs A Horror Movie About Underwear)

Ivy: Connor It's Time For Bed

Connor: Just Nine More Minutes

Ivy: Connor Brian 'O' Riley You Have Basketball Practice Tomarow Morning Lets Get Up Those Stairs

Connor: Yes Mam

(In Connor's Bad Dream)


Ninjoy, Xandra and Xolo show up.

Ninjoy: You, basketball guy, you are in The Land of Naked Humans!

Connor: AHH! IM NAKED!

Connor shivers

(After The Bad Dream)

Connor: WAAH!

Xandra and Xolo: What?

Connor: I had a bad dream!

Xandra: Tell me what happened in your bad dream

Connor: I was in The Land Of Naked Humans and you made me naked!

Xandra and Xolo: We would never do that!

Connor:I know,but it you did in my dream.

Xolo:Just go back to sleep before you wake ivy up


(Connor Goes Back To Sleep And Xandra And Xolo Goes Back To Sleep)

The End

  • Connor Having His Bad Dream
  • Connor Talking To Xandra And Xolo