Connie Miller

Full Name

Constantina Burgundy Miller


Curious, Suggestive, and Playful


Boys, Her Siblings and The Kid Brigade


Her Parents


Her Siblings, The Romanos and The Kid Brigade


Her Parents

First Appearance

The Family From The Dingy Oniontown

Constantina Burgundy "Connie" Miller-Romano is a new student of Gigant High and new resident of Tastyville. She comes from a huge family (or a huge line of siblings). She and Yippy became the foster daughters of Gino after Edoardo decided to take theme in until further notice.

Family Members

Richard Miller - Father

Monique Miller - Mother

Connie's Siblings

Gino Romano - Foster Father

Bruna and Carlo Romano - Foster Cousins

Edoardo Romano - Foster Uncle

Yippy Wheeler-Romano - Foster Sister

Connie's Life

In her debut, the intire school of Gigant High started to think that she was a somebody when she started her first day there she was actually Curious, very Suggestive and Playful and the kid brigade befriended with her and later at lunch The Female Brigaders learned that she also really loves whipped cream and becomes friends with her.

In Goodbye Wicked Parents - Her Parents Got Arrested For Lack Of Parenting And Other Things And She Latered Told Hank That Her Siblings Are All In Collage and She Was The Youngest Of The Miller Children and She Was Taken To The Tastyville Orphanage For Shelter.

In Connie and Yippy Get's Adopted  - She goes with Yippy to the Romano's mansion to do there cleaning and when she went into Gino's bedroom to fix his bed when she sees Gino was still in bed and she discovered Gino had stomach flu and was running a fever and she and Yippy took care of Gino until Edoardo found out about this and thanked theme until he founded out that they were orphans and decided to take theme in as Gino's daughters until further notice.