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Narrator: Ah It's Another Warm Summer Day In Tastyville And Young Greg Eureka And His Friend Nick Hiroshino Is Building Something, And Well Look At That It's Little Yippy Wheeler She's Skipping To Theme.

Yippy: Hey There Nick I Just Wanted To Say...Congratulations On Being Brigader Of The Month

Nick: Hurk...Alot Of Good Does It With Greg And I Building This Cantilever...Who's Gonna Deliver The Taco's For Me?

Yippy: To Show No Hard Feelings I Would Be Honored To Help Cover For You.

Nick: Yippy You Really Are A Silly McDilly

Yippy: So I'm Going To Help You And Greg Into Building The Cantilever I'm Gonna Look For The Building Mannual What Do You Think About That?

Nick: I Didn't That The Book Exsites

Yippy: Me To. Do You Know Were Greg Keeps The Building Mannual?

Nick: It's In His Office Underneff His Desk You Can Get To It Though The Clubhouse But You Need To The Key's To The Clubhouse.

Yippy: Buttermilk. Where Can I Get Theme

Nick: Well As Right-Hand Man I Was Gaven The Key's Just Yesterday.

Yippy: Ooooh Can I Have Theme?

Nick: No You Can't

Yippy: But I Neeeeeeeeeeeed Theme!

Nick: I Lost It Ok? I Was Cleaning The Windows And It Must Of Fallen Out Of My Pocket. Carlo, Bruna, And Gino Romano Were Here Earlier I Bet One Of Theme Took It.

Yippy: Buttermilk.

Nick: Don't Tell Greg If He Ever Finds Out That Is

Yippy: Well I'm Off

Nick: Good Luck Finding The Key Yippy

(Yippy Goes Into Town And Sees Carlo)

Yippy: Hello Carlo Romano

Carlo: Hello Little One

Yippy: Hey Have You Seen A Key Lying Around Here?

Carlo: Oh You Mean The Bronze Key Of Italy

Yippy: Uh Maybe Have You Seen It?

Carlo: Yep

Yippy: Do You Have It?

Carlo: Nope. Bruna Has It.

Yippy: Oh...Were's Bruna?

Carlo: Err Yippy You Want Me To Tell You Were My Dad Is To? I Don't Know Were Bruna Is. Trying Finding Gino He Might Know Were My Loud Sister Is.

Yippy: Well Can You Tell Me Were Gino Is?

Carlo: Oh Yeah He's At The Burgerburgh Butchery. He Said He Wanted To See If They Have Any Italian Sasages

Yippy: Ok Thanks Carlo I Gotta Go Carlo

Carlo: Ok Yippy Be Careful 

(Yippy Goes To The Burgerburgh Butchery And Sees Gino Looking At The Display)

Yippy: Yippie It's The Big Romano Gino!

Gino: Mamma Mia It's The Little Wheeler Yippy.

Yippy: Carlo Said You Know Were Bruna Is Right?

Gino: Yes

Yippy: Can You Tell Me Were She Is?

Gino: Nope

Yippy: Why Not?

Gino: Because I Want Italian Sasuage Bring Me A Sasuage And Maybe I'll Tell Ya

(Yippy Goes In The Store)

Yippy: One Italian Sasuage Please

(The Off-Screan Butcher Gives Yippy A Number Two Waiting Ticket)

Yippy: How Qwant

The Butcher: Number Two

Yippy: Here (Gives The Butcher Her Ticket)

Butcher: Here's Your Italian Sasuage (Gives A An Italian Sasuage To Yippy)

(Yippy Goes Outside And Gives The Italian Sasuage To Gino)

Yippy: Here You Go Gino One Italian Sasuage

Gino: Yum Italian Sasuage Alright You Gave Me The Italian Sasuage And I'll Tell You Were Bruna Is She's In Tacodale Making Money To Pay Off Our Home Enssurence.

(Yippy Goes To Tacodale And Sees Bruna)