(Ninjoy makes a drink to stop Clover's addiction of tropical charms)

Ninjoy: Drink this, Clover!

Clover: OK! (drinks it)

Ninjoy: How is it?

Clover: I feel like my tropical charms addiction has stopped.

Ninjoy: That's good. Now have some whipped cream. (Ninjoy gives Clover a whipped cream can) And here is some flavoring. (gets a container of what happens to be addiction powder)

Clover: OK! (sprays whipped cream in mouth, and adds a spoon of addiction powder. Clover screams in delight)

Clover: I really like this stuff! I want more! (sprays cream in bowl, and eats it all up)

(5:33 am)

Clover: In fact, I am getting another bowl of cream! (eats it all up, then goes back to sleep)

(the next morning)

Clover: I am eating a big bowl of whipped cream for breakfast! This stuff is awesome! (gets it and eats it all up)

Marty: (finds out) Do you have a new addiction?

Clover: Yes, I do! I have an addiction to whipped cream now!

Marty: OK, we will get you more! (goes to the store and buys 10 cases of whipped cream cans)

Clover: I want more! I want more! I want more! I want more! I want more!

Marty: OK, Clover!

Clover: I just found out that I don't need a bowl to enjoy whipped cream. I can just eat it straight out of the can!

Marty: If that's OK with you, fine!

Clover: OK! (sprays lines of whipped cream on her arms and legs, and licks it off) This whipped cream is so smooth and silky! Marty, can I go to the Freezeria?

Marty: OK!

Clover: I will take my whipped cream cans with me!

(While Marty takes her to the Freezeria, she sprays whipped cream at people)

Kayla: Why did you cover me in whipped cream? You just ruined my pink dress!

Hugo: Why am I covered in whipped cream Trishna?

Big Pauly: I cannot take this anymore, and it is because of that idiot Clover trying to cover me in shit whipped cream

(At the Freezeria)

Clover: I want a cream block coated with tropical charms.

Penny: OK!

(Clover eats the whole cream block at once)

(the next morning)

Clover: (watching TV) I want some more!

Marty: You gotta stop eating all this whipped cream!

Clover: But I really like the taste of it!

Marty: Did you take addiction powder again?

Clover: OK, yes, I did!

Marty: That is dangerous for you! It makes you addicted to the first food you eat!

Clover: How can I wear off my addiction?

Marty: I'll lock up all the whipped cream cans, just so you're not tempted.

Clover: OK!

(30 seconds later)

Clover: (picks lock) I sure would go for some whipped cream. (locks herself in whipped cream room)

Marty: Clover, where are you?! (opens door) Clover! You are not supposed to have whipped cream!

Clover: But I just can't! It is just so good!

Marty: Then, have this to stop your addiction! (gives Clover the same drink Ninjoy gave her)

Clover: (drinks it, sighs in relief) I feel like my addiction stopped.