(Clover eating tropical charms at Tastyville Fluffmart)

Clover: These tropical charms taste so good! I want more!

(Sue gives her more tropical charms. Clover finishes them)

Clover: Can I have more tropical charms?

Sue: Sorry, there is no more tropical charms.

Clover: Oh come on!!

(Clover goes to the store and buys three 30 pound bags of tropical charms.)

Clover: These are the best tropical charms I've ever had!

(2:43 am)

Clover: I just love tropical charms! (wakes up and eats more, then sleeps again)

(3:31 am)

Clover: It's just so delightful! (wakes up and eats more, then sleeps again)

(4:54 am)

Clover: I really like these a lot! (wakes up and eats more, then sleeps again)

(Clover done sleeping)

Marty: You gotta stop eating tropical charms, Clover!

Clover: But I can't! They're just so good!

Marty: Then have this gum! It tastes exactly like tropical charms!

(Wendy brings a tropical charms gumball machine to Clover's room)

Clover: These taste exactly like tropical charms! In fact, I am going to make a pool of tropical charms and whipped cream!

(Clover swims in the tropical charms pool for 10 hours)

(the next day)

Marty: Perhaps I should hire a tropical charms guard, who is Kayla.

Kayla: No tropical charms!

Clover: Why not?

Kayla: Because, they are too sweet, and too good!

Clover: But can I just have a little more?

Kayla: No tropical charms!

Clover: Can I just smell it?

Kayla: You can't even smell them! (throws gumball machine out the window)

(Clover is sleeping. Kayla comes in)

Clover: What do you want from me? It's 4:15 in the morning!

Kayla: It seems that you like tropical charms so much, that you should use them as the blanket.

(Kayla removes Clover's blanket, and dumps 43,000 pounds of tropical charms on her)

(Using whipped cream, she writes "I heard you liked tropical charms" on the tropical charms)

Clover: Then I should eat my way out of this to get the blanket. (eats most of the charms, then gets her blanket)

(the next day)

(cut to Cecilia's house)

Cecilia: (playing Cat Planet on computer) I just got to Level 67! I finished the game!

(suddenly, an email pop up appears)

Cecilia: "From: Marty To: Cecilia It seems that my sister, Clover, has been addicted to tropical charms lately. She even swam in a tropical charms pool, and she woke up at 3:30 in the morning to eat tropical charms. Luckily, I hired a tropical charms guard. Sincerely, Marty."