Clover:Everbody in my family has a job except me!

Clover:A chef? No no no this is stupid.

Clover:A store worker? No no

Marty:Is everything okay

Clover: Im trying to find a new job for my self

Marty:there's loads of jobs out their

Clover:Light bulb! A bartender at T.G.I.F fridays

Clover go's to the arcade

The uniform was a yellow vest on top of a white shirt and a black skirt

Sasha and Utah go for the job aswell

Papa Louie:In the bar You's will sell beverges like alchoholics, hot,cold and others

Sasha,Clover and Utah:Yes! we got the job

day 1

Taylor:Can i order some L orange juice with ice please?


sasha gets a L cup and fills it with orange juice and utah fills it with ice and gives it to clover

Taylor:Thanks Girls!

then hugo comes

Hugo:Can i have a alcoholic tequila please


Clover gets a glass and sasha and utah fill it with tequila

here you go

Hugo:Thank You!

Clover:The people are minimizining

then later on everybody was gone

Sasha:Time to go home

The stone House

Clover:im back!

Maggie:how much did you make

Clover:I got $48.50 tips

Marty's girlfriend rita was in the house

Rita:can i have milk with cocoa clover please?

Clover:Drinks are not avalible after 10.00pm

Rita:i didn;t know that

then everybody went to bed