clover: im going to get married when im older

Marty:Me too!

13 years later

marty is 31 and clover and sargefan is 25

Clover:Lets go shopping

she goes shopping with lisa and sasha

Clover:those high heels are nice!

Sasha:We should buy them.

lisa goes to the checkout

clover goes home and finds sue's  wedding dress

marty and clover they cleaned the dust off it

Marty:its time to get your wedding provided


jay's house

chuck found his tudexo

chuck:thats nice!

Sargefan!:im going to wear it

clover gets ready for her wedding

at the wedding

?:Do you take clover stone to be you lawfully wedded wife

SargeFan:i do

?:do you take joey toplaw to be your lawfully wedded husband

Clover:I do

?:you are now prononced husband and wife

?:you may kiss your bride

clover and sarge fan kiss.

the end