Sasha Utah Clover were talking about their flashbacks

Clover:What were you doing 8 years ago(2005)(joined kid brigade in 2008)

Sasha:My brother was studying on his exams mom and dad gone to work every day so my brother was in charge of me.

Utah:mom was learning to drive ships my cousin first joined the dark force and my dad died

Clover:What happened back then maggie and marty were in gignate high,i was in kindergarten and mom had a lot of work stuff to move and i was living in a really small apartment also my dad left the family, i got struck with chicken pox


Sue:hmm i wonder where i should put my work stuff

Marty:Clover, were going to school mom and dad will be in charge


the next morning

Clover:where's dad?

Sue:im afraid he left us

in kindergarten

Scooter:(clover's friend in kindergarten) (playing mini basketball)we are going to win this


Kindergarten Teacher:the winners are clover and scooter

Clover and scooter:YES!

Back in 2013

Clover:it was quite a hard time back then

Sasha:me and my family also went to this restaurant queehegs family style restaurant

Clover:i went there as well

Sasha:i was a stranger to you back then


when taylor was 12 and sasha was 5

Taylor:Mom im going to my exam results


Kingsley: sasha you can go play up stairs

back in 2013

Sasha:Taylor was always out with friends and it was mom and dad's date night and they couldn't find a babysitter for me so taylor had to take me with him to his friends house


Cori:I love driving  ships

in the house

Utah: can we go to the mall

in the mall

Utah:a ceburus i'd love one and to name it tessero

later on ninjoy got a new one named derangio

when cori came back from ship driving lessons

cori: i have some bad news

Utah:what is it

Cori: your dad died in a carbon monoxide accident

Cori:ninjoy your uncle died in a carbon monoxide accident

back in 2013

Utah:phew that was a busy time for me!