Sargefan walks across the park

Clover:he's so cool!

Sasha:Are you having a crush on a boy from oniontown


Clover:(whispering to utah)How am i going to ask him out!

Utah:don't be afraid just ask him out

Clover:okay! bye!

Clover meets sargefan

Sargefan:Hi im joey

Clover:hi im clover

Clover:So its nice meeting you

Foodini:Hi Clover! i am joey's father


Foodini:I have got something to tell you

Clover:what is it!

Foodini:i was engadged at your age

Clover:Im 13 how come did you engage at 13

Foodini:i was lucky!

Foodini:Okay bye Son!

Clover:so would you like to go on a date

SargeFan:Oh! Of course i would! tommorow

Clover:Okay! Bye!

Clover:i home!

Marty:so i heard you are dating some kind of onion lover

Clover:How did you Know about the relationship between me and sargefan!

Maggie:Someone Told us

the next day:

they did not go to a papa's restaraunt

in the restaurant marty accompined them

Clover orders

Clover:Potato Peelers Please

SargeFan!:I'll have what the lady is having

Marty:can i have a burger with nothing on it

SargeFan:2 ginger ale's please

Marty told the waiters it was clover's birthday

Waiters:Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you

Clover:what? it is not even my birthday!

SargeFan!:Your brother lied to the waiters saying it was your birthday

Clover and SargeFan are now a couple