Clair crying

Clair's Crying Woken Taylor and Sasha

(In Clair's Bad Dream)

Clair: Please Don't Kill My Chubby Wubby Ninjoy!

Ninjoy: Bah Kingsley Is Nonsense To Me!

Clair: (gasps) I'll Have You Know Kingsley Is Everything To Me My Lemon In Shoes My Prince Charming And My Handsom Fatty!

Ninjoy: Bla...Bla...Bla...Bla...BLA!

(Clair's Face Turns Dark Red)

Clair: Don't Make Me Hit You

Ninjoy: (blows rasberrys)

Sleeping kay parents 1

Clair and kingsley sleeps at Last

(Ninjoy Pulls The Lever And Clair Falls Down Then Clair Wakes Up Finding Herself In Her Bed Then Someone Touched Her Elbow It Was Kingsley)

Clair: Oh Kingsley Babe I Had A Terrible Dream That Ninjoy Was Going To Kill You

Kingsley: It's Ok Clair Nobody Will Kill Me

(Sasha and Taylor's Heads Popped In)

Taylor: Dad Is Mom Ok?

Kingsley: Your Mother Had A Bad Dream

Sasha: Can We Get In Bed With You Guy's Mom Will Sure Like Some Company

Clair: Ok Kids Get In

(Taylor And Sasha Gets In Bed With Kingsley and Clair And The Four Kay's Fall Asleep)

The End