(Chuck Comes In Upset)

Chuck: Hey

Mitch: Hey

(Chuck Gasps When He Notices Quinn And Foodini Arn't In The House)

Chuck: Where's Mom And Dad?

Mitch: There on there second honeymoon remember

Chuck: Oh That Explans Why We Have To Kid-Watch Our Step-Brother Sarge Fan?

Mitch: Yep

Chuck: So How Was Your Day?

Mitch: Great I'm Going On A Date With Mindy Tomarow And It Was My Pay-Day Today How Was Your Day Chuck?

Chuck: Terrible Fell On My Face And Kahuna Kicked Me How Was Sarge Fan's Day

Mitch: He Seid That He Had The Same Terrible Day Like You He Fell On Lisa and Hit Himself In The Face Well I'm Gonna Hit The Sack

Chuck: Me To

Sleeping chuck

(in chuck's bad dream)

Inside chuck's bad dream

Chuck : Where am I

Quinn: Chuck you are so bossy and mean to sarge fan


Chuck: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Chuck Wakes Up Crying)

Chuck: I Don't Want To Be Grounded!!!

(Mitch And Sarge Fan! Wakes Up)

Mitch: What's Wrong Chuck?

Chuck crying

Chuck: I Had A Bad Dream

Sarge Fan!: About?

Chuck: Mom And Dad Grounded Me!

Mitch: Maybe Your Bad Day Was To Much And You Miss Mom And Dad

Chuck: Maybe That's The Point

Mitch: You Have To Get Back To Sleep

Chuck: Ok

(The Jay Boys Go Back To Sleep)

Back in dream:

Chuck: EWW!


(shoots SF)


Burgerfan: whats up sargefan

Sarge Fan!: Mitch nucelared me!

(Chuck gasps)


(wakes up with an extremely loud scream awaken the boys)

The Jay Boys without Chuck: whats up chuck?

Chuck: I had a bad dream that Mitch shooted you!

Sarge Fan!: its ok

Chuck: No.

Sarge Fan!: ok

Chuck: Sorry its ok!

(Sleeps again and not getting the bad dream)

(The next day)

Chuck: mama! papa!

Quinn and Foodini: whats up?

Chuck: hope you sleeped great!

Quinn and Foodini: yes!

Chuck: great job!

the end.